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It has become a tradition to formulate all sorts of Rankings ideas over at Miniature Trading.  I started the original series, which reviewed my opinion on the top 5 or 10 gunships and gold runners for each of the factions.  Godmason has continued the series and we have many threads still to go!  Here you can find my ideas on the various factions and their best ships.  This is a good way to learn about the game, learn about the factions, and discover which ships you might be interested in acquiring to build your fleets and expand your collection.  Feel free to submit your own Top 10 Game Pieces Overall!  😀

Ranking the Factions

Ranking the Sets


Ranking: Top 10 Gunships

Ranking: Top 10 Gold Runners


Gunships and Gold Runners by Faction

Top 10 English Gunships

Top 10 English Gold Runners

Top 10 French Gunships

Top 10 French Gold Runners

Top 10 Spanish Gunships

Top 10 Spanish Gold Runners

Top 10 Pirate Gunships

Top 10 Pirate Gold Runners

Top 10 American Gunships

Top 10 American Gold Runners

Top 10 Cursed Gunships

Top 5 Cursed Gold Runners

Top 5 Barbary Corsair Gunships

Top 5 Barbary Corsair Gold Runners

Top 5 Jade Rebellion Gunships

Top 5 Jade Rebellion Gold Runners

Top 5 Viking Gunships

Top 5 Viking Gold Runners

Top 5 Mercenary Gunships

Top 5 Mercenary Gold Runners


Set Rankings

Top 10 Spanish Main game pieces

Top 10 Crimson Coast game pieces

Top 10 Revolution game pieces

Top 10 Barbary Coast game pieces

Top 10 South China Seas game pieces

Top 10 Davy Jones’ Curse Game Pieces

Top 10 Mysterious Islands Game Pieces

Top 10 Frozen North Game Pieces

Top 10 Ocean’s Edge game pieces

Top 10 Pirates of the Caribbean game pieces

Ranking: PotC multi-version game pieces

Top 10 Rise of the Fiends game pieces

Top 10 Fire & Steel game pieces

Top 10 Savages Shores pieces

Top 10 Return to Savage Shores game pieces


Ship Types

6 masters








Sea Dragons







Sea Monsters

Turtle Ships






Ships by Point Cost

1-3 point ships

4 point ships

5 point ships

6 point ships

7 point ships

8 point ships

9 point ships

10 point ships

14 point ships

15 point ships

16 point ships

17 point ships

18 point ships

19 point ships

20 point ships

21 point ships


Named Crew by Faction

English named crew

French named crew

Spanish named crew

Pirate named crew

American named crew

Cursed named crew

Barbary Corsair named crew

Jade Rebellion named crew

Viking named crew

Mercenary named crew


By Rarity

Ranking the rarest Pirates CSG items

Super Rare packs

Mail-in game pieces

Tournament Pack ships

SE box 4 masters



Ranking: #001 ships – Flagships of their sets

Ranking: Terrain


  1. hey I’m just curious what these cards are worth in sleeves since they came out of the boosters and they are from 2006 or soemthing crimson or something but that was only one checklist I can send you pictures let me know

    • @Andrew: Worth will depend on what you have. A really rough guide to rarities is Common=$1, Uncommon=$2, and Rare=$4. You can check out this spreadsheet for past auction price histories on eBay, especially for some of the game’s rarest items.

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