Ranking: Top 10 Schooners

1. La Santa Isabel
Wicked hybrid with a game-winning ability.

2. Le Bonaparte
Ruins games. Stupid.

3. Neptune’s Hoard
Not as good as the Santa Isabel, but a great hybrid and a staple of great Pirate fleets.

4. La Monarca
Sick of her, but one of the better gold runners in the game. Can move 4S for the same price as the Raven, and has a better defined role which can be better for small ships.

5. HMS Oxford

6. La Vengeance 
Hybrid not all that different from the Neptune’s Hoard.

7. Raven
I value durability, so for 2 more points for twice the durability and twice the firepower, I think some of the 4 masters should be higher than this one.

This is where it started to feel like a crapshoot to me. (meaning the rankings don’t mean as much to me since it’s just personal preferences)

8. White Rose 
9. La Belle Etoile 
10. HMS Nautilus

Just missed:
Le Triton 
-Honestly one of the most underrated ships of all time. Not as flashy as the Belle Etoile, but she gets the job done.
HMS Durham
USS Hudson

Ranking: Top 10 Schooners

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