Ranking: Top 10 Spanish Gunships

Top 10 Spanish Gunships

1. San Cristobal / San Cristobal 

I’m putting these two together because they’re similar and I don’t think it’s fair if one of them took a spot away from another ship. Both have the ability to move incredibly fast without too much help. Add in more crew or combos and they’re such fast gunships that they can essentially fly around hitting whatever they want. However, their high point cost and average guns are a detriment that needs to be looked at.

2. El Acorazado 

This is the best true “gunship” in the game. Her problem lies in her speed and high point cost. When crewed correctly, this ship can defeat any other ship in the game in one-on-one battles. I have the battle reports to prove it. Cool

3. Santa Ana 

This is a great ship overall, with great stats in every category except for speed. She’s similar to the LE San Cristobal. Definitely a must-have ship for any Spanish admiral.

4. La Resolucion 

This is one of the best (if not the best) world-hating ships in the game. Pure, raw firepower is what makes a gunship great, and this ship fits the bill.

5. Asesino de la Nave 

This was one of my first four ships. The “ship killer” is exactly that, one of the most potent forces in the game. She’s a bit slow, but this ship is one of the best 3 masters in the game and able to crush any enemy ship with one shoot action.

6. La Tartessos 

This is one of the more simple five masters. Relatively cheap firepower without a lot of space for crew and equipment. Very good gunship.

7. El Algeciras 

I’m getting sick of this ship, lol. Best value support gunship in the game, yadda yadda yadda. Perfect for flotillas.

8. El Monte Cristo 

The smaller version of the Resolucion. The same arguments apply here, but the Monte Cristo only has room for a captain and helmsman and nothing else.

9. El Cristal del Obispo 

This ship is perhaps a bit overrated. Her ability generally only works once and it isn’t that hard to work around. In addition, she’s expensive and has average guns. That being said, the Cristal is still a force to be reckoned with on the high seas.

10. Armada / Diablo 

As you may have seen in my other lists, flotillas are a great choice to round out the top 10. They give you very cheap long range firepower while sometimes combining it with devastating offensive abilities. Both Spanish flotillas are among the best. As stated previously, ships like the Algeciras (and maybe San Cristobal) are perfect for towing these little menaces.

Very close to being in the top 10: Santo ColumbaEl LeonLa SirvienteEl Alma

Other honorable mentions (in no particular order): Virtuous WindLa CordobaLa ReconquistadorEl PasoEl ToroGranadaEl MontenezEl NeptunoEl San FranciscoEl San SalvadorLa Catedral del MarSantos RomanosEl RosalLa EbroEl ExtremaduraEl VillalobosLa CazadoraEl AlgecirasEl Príncipe de AsturiasLa HabanaSanta LuciaEl Corazon del MarEl DuqueEl GaranteEl TiradorL’AguilaLa ResolucionValeroso

I never know where to put the Santo Columba . You could argue she should be in the 5-8 range, but you could also make the case that she’s slightly worse than these ~10. I realize a lot of people love that ship but I still find her a bit overrated. She was even one of my “original 49” ships in my original collection (and my Spanish flagship for a while being the biggest ship I had from that faction), but I still don’t quite “get” her. I just feel that the price and somewhat ineffective ability hold her back from being truly elite.

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