This is meant to be a comprehensive post of all the information and data I have saved from Miniature Trading.  All card info (stats, abilities, etc) can be found in the Master Spreadsheet.  You can still view Miniature Trading via the Internet Archive.  Example: Pirates CSG Forum. You can navigate to many old threads and even some fleets and miniature reviews, but many URLs were never archived.

I pulled pictures from the Miniature Trading database with httrack in 2018.  The first two links are folders of the biggest versions of the pictures, sorted into one folder per set.  Hardly any of these pictures were taken by me.  Google Drive just shows my name as the default creator. If there are any game pieces missing pictures that had been at MT, httrack didn’t pull them.

Shared Google Drive Folder of Miniature Trading Pirates CSG Database Pictures

Zipped Folder Version


ALL Miniature Trading database pictures files pulled from httrack
-Here is a folder you can download to have all the pictures. It includes all the file sizes that the httrack download yanked from the site. “big” are the folders with the full size pictures. Feel free to make your own copy.

Before I figured out how to use httrack to pull only picture files, I made sure to get full page screen captures of all the Pirates sets from the MT database. So for full redundancy I have that too. Enables us to see pictures as if we are still on MT after the site is gone.

Google Drive folder with full page screen captures of all Pirates database pages

I couldn’t find an easy way to put the miniature pictures into the Master Spreadsheet without a) making every miniature entry massive due to the picture resizing the columns and rows (making it hard to see more than 1 or 2 pieces at a time) and b) doing in a timely fashion that wouldn’t require me to upload all 1,000+ miniatures into the spreadsheet individually (this is probably more doable but arguably pointless due to a; people can easily make their own personalized versions of the Master Spreadsheet if they want).

Google Drive folder with saved MT Forum pages/threads/etc.
-You can change this to List View and sort alphabetically to find things easier.
-I also re-posted them under the Miniature Trading Forum Threads category.

Folder with Fleets (All of mine are in the Fleets category here)

Folder with Miniature Reviews

Miscellaneous Folder

Folder with original Command the Oceans thread

Folder with a few Battle Reports

Economy Edition ruleset by cannonfury

Here is a .zip folder of a large httrack download of Miniature Trading.  It is about 1.3 GB in size and contains a TON of stuff.  For all I know there may be enough in there to recreate parts of MT somehow.  No idea how to use it or what to do with it, but I got around to making a .zip copy so I could share it with everyone.

For maximum redundancy here are links to Imgur folders where I have saved some of the above as well.

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  1. Hey Ben!

    I’ve been a fan of this game since I was just a little kid, and the enthusiasm of everyone on here (and back on MT) got me back into the game. I sincerely appreciate all the effort you and the others have put into keeping this fantastic game alive.

  2. Did you perchance capture anything from any other miniature sets? I used to trade the Disney Collector packs there

    • I think so; check out the link from “Here is a .zip folder of a large httrack download” in the post. I think there is material from other games in that, it might just be a matter of extracting the data or displaying it in a way that people could find value in.

  3. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in! I’ve got a fleet of over 500 ships, having started to buy them when they came out in 2004… Keeping track of their worth and having some serious nostalgia with them is always fun!

  4. Wow, thanks for saving all of this! I’m from Spain and we get some expansions but I didn’t know anyone who played it so I just bought them because they look awesome, good memories. I love to see that this web is full of information, thanks for your amazing work!

    • Ahoy matey, that’s great you’ve enjoyed the game! Thanks for checking out my stuff! Feel free to check out the Forum and let me know if you’d like to join the site.

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