• Wouldn’t you want to switch high and low tide there?

  • I would pay/trade way too much for a copy of Nemo’s Plans, just in case anyone here has one they’d part with. Also Slipstream/Thane Hartless

  • Alternatively, if I had Conseil link to all mercenary ships instead of taking up cargo space, would that work? 🤔 Probably not.

    The intent behind me putting dories on it besides just simply making him have the Bianco’s Hauler’s ability was to reward people for making “lore correct” combinations, and provide more incentive for players to make use…[Read more]

  • Whoops, meant crew, not ship, for Delahaye.

    The way I imagine Conseil working is that he encourages you to use the other named Mercenaries and their linked ships. So for example you put Conseil and Nikos Chelios on the Fathom.

    Surprised Anne Dieu-le-Veut and Delahaye have already been done lol thought those were pretty deep cuts in pirate history.

  • I’ve never posted in this thread before, but I have a few I’ve thought of over the years.

    Laurens de Graaf

    Type: Crew

    Nation: Pirates

    Point cost: 5

    Ability: Born Leader. This ship gets +1 to its Cannon and boarding rolls against the Spanish.

    Flavor text: De Graaf fancies himself a mercenary. Admiral Morgan holds him in higher regard than…[Read more]

  • What’s extra weird about Fear is it’s only one or two points for Captain Davy Jones. He has the 4 point ability to impress eliminated crew, then if the kraken target ability is one point, fear costs two. And vice versa.

    If Fear worked at the start of *every* player’s turn, then maybe it could be fair at 6. Even then though I’d put it at around 3.

  • I’ve house ruled my DJC ability as meaning I can move, then shoot and move again as free actions. That seems fair at 9 points, but doesn’t work here obviously. Considering Benito de Soto to be worth 5 sounds fair. I’d love to use him as the real de Soto was such a notorious pirate. Wouldn’t be all that big of a stretch, cause I let my brother use…[Read more]

  • I know the answer for the canceller questions:

    S-cancellers extend out from the ship they’re on, they do not include their own ship. A captain does not help on the USS Stephens because the no stacking rule still applies, the backup Captain still can not use its ability.

  • Is there any link in the game as worthless as Benito de Soto and El Tejon? You can’t even use them together without Jonah! Wth??

  • Does “on the turn this ship is pinned, eliminate one crew and one mast from the enemy ship” ability (El Villalobos, Beast’s Belly) stack with my Spanish Main ability to eliminate just a crew on the turn my ship is pinned?

    Also, does this apply only on the initial turn, or is it that if the rammed ship does not leave and I’m pinned still next…[Read more]

  • @woelf I have a hunch that “eliminate a cargo” abilities usually meant just treasure, not treasure or crew. Every crew killer ability I can think of is only once per turn, so if cargo killer abilities were always meant to affect crew as well as treasure, I would assume they also would have gotten a OPT, no? Similar to what you said about Hidden…[Read more]

  • Decent with SAC. It can be a versatility play. Say you’re unsure whether to put a firepot specialist or cannoneer in your fleet, a recruiter will let you wait until the moment’s right to decide. Pirates have the best options imo. You can bring in Fidel Zuan if you see Spanish ships, or Lian/Park to protect your own crew. Genny’s Red Rampage for…[Read more]

  • Funny that Hidden Cove might be literally a typo. Only reason I can imagine for the effect changing in production.

    I have a soft spot for Banshee’s Cry because I remember going to my local game store around the time DJC came out and specifically asking the teller if he had any Barbary Coast packs left, because I wanted a historical set and not a…[Read more]

  • I’m after ships from older sets primarily. If you have a rare ship from Spanish Main through Mysterious Islands that I don’t, I’d gladly trade the Black Swan for it. As long as it’s a usable ship and not something like Le Solitare lol

  • Hidden Cove: How was this ever seen as anything but absurdly broken?

    For “stupidity reasons,” Marques Miguel Antonio. The definition of useless, and I own three copies of him.

  • Jack replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 3 years, 6 months ago

    Inspired by Ben saying he doesn’t really use Marines:

    French Marine Fleet

    Le Favori (26 pts)

    – Michel de Bordeaux

    – Benoit de Marseilles

    Le Bon Marin (9 pts)

    – Maurice Artiside

    L’Intrepide (5 pts)

    What I do with the marines varies depending on the situation. My brother tends to like building fleets of small ships, which allows Le Favori…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic Battle Reports in the forum Pirates CSG 3 years, 6 months ago

    Oh yeah, Dreadnought’s on her way now actually. One setup with L’Hercule I might try is simply putting 2 marines on her. I typically stick to 40 point games and Marines add up really quickly, but that hasn’t stopped me from using them a lot.

  • Purchased some Revolution packs and these are duplicates I’ll put up for trade/sale:

    Black Swan

    HMS Lord Cauldwell

    La Vengeance


    Hades Flame

    La Belle Etoile




    Christian Jefferson Esquire

    The Devil’s Maw

  • I’d rather use pieces I could get physical copies of, though I do like that setup. Without Romiata, France doesn’t have the 3 point SAT options England/Spain/Pirates have :/Arathiel could serve a similar purpose but he’d have a limited amount of crew to work with.

  • Jack replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 3 years, 6 months ago

    Gimmicky Pirate pure Spanish Main fleet:

    Harbinger: (29 pts)

    – Captain Blackheart

    – Calico Cat

    – Helmsman

    – Lucky The Parrot

    – Oarsman

    El Dorado (11 pts)

    Optional: Add Hag of Tortuga and myself on El Dorado and another Oarsman on Harbinger.

    Who needs to explore islands when you can just steal stuff? This fleet very simply heads to the…[Read more]

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