• Also @Xerecs: Regarding the Mask of Creation UT-

    Once per turn roll a d6. On a result of 6 place up to three random treasures on the nearest wild island. If there is a tie, the player to your left chooses which island.

    Are these 3 “random” treasures from outside the game?

    Anything that pulls in pieces from outside of the game can become pro…[Read more]

  • @Woelf: Lukas gives me an idea for one of the most weird and obscure combos ever. Per the Code for the Fog Hopper ability, bottom of Page 28. Would this be a legal way of removing an enemy fog hopper from play?
    1. Create a fog bank with a smokepot specialist.
    2. Use an L-mover to force an enemy fog hopper into the fog bank.
    3. Completely…

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  • When you put an eternal crew on a ship that sinks when the last mast is gone how can u win vs this with shooting ships without canceling? only by gold running i guess?

    The best strategy is to ignore it entirely while it’s back at home making repairs, and spend the time grabbing more gold. It’s generally not an issue in standard games unless they…[Read more]

  • How unfortunate, and kind of bothersome. Though I can find only 4 ships (Asp, Fire Djinn, Sultan’s Sword, and Marrkesh) with this limitation, and three of them appear to more focused on boarding Rolls so perhaps it balances out.

    It doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but rank-6 cannons are actually an advantage.

    They add nothing to the c…[Read more]

  • I don’t see her listed in the Code, but I assume Jongleur from MI should have Galley as well?

    All of those LE galleys should probably have the Galley keyword, and all of the LE turtles nearby should probably have Turtle Ship too.

  • Regarding the Arcane custom ship from JW Darkhurst’s Seas of Doom set:

    Once per turn, you may give this ship a move action, but do not move her. Instead, roll a d6. On a result of 6, you may place a Unique Treasure on any ship in your fleet.

    Is there any way to get around that once per turn part? From this post last month it sounds like the A…

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  • Master Gunner Rogelio Vazquez: All of this ship’s cannons have L range. 5 pts

    Interesting ability. Not sure if it’s worth the 5 points. I know of at least one ship that has this same effect, but no crew. The first ship that comes to mind to try this on is actually the Black Swan. A pirate five master with all 3-S guns.

    This one always felt lik…[Read more]

  • @dylasmaras

    Hit the nail on the head. This was something that I have gone back and forth with quite a bit. One one hand, yes, the next turn thing puts the ships at risk. My thought was that this forces the controller to be strategic with the ability and prevents it from being too OP. If the Soul of the World gets an EA, then it can completely undo…

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  • Oh boy… I’m probably missing something, but I don’t see anything in the rules or Code that prevents you from taking enemy crew (or equipment) from their home island when you dock with a home island raider….

    I don’t think it’s explicitly stated anywhere, but it is very strongly implied by the combinations of several other rules. It probabl…[Read more]

  • Soul Split: Ships with this keyword may only choose friendly ships in the same fleet as targets of this ability. When this ship’s controller fires her cannons at a ship in the same fleet, they may take one of the two following actions;

    This ship loses masts equal to the number of successful shots. The target ship gains masts equal to the n…

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  • The full UT ability, from the Customs database:

    Once at the beginning of each of your turns roll a d6. On a 1-3 all of your ships get +1 to their cannon and boarding rolls against all targets. On a 4-5 one ship in you fleet may be given an extra action. On a 6 cancel any one ability in play until the beginning of your next turn.

    So you roll for…

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  • “On a 6 cancel any one ability in play until the beginning of your next turn.”

    This is from a custom UT of mine. The way it is worded, could it be used to cancel the ability of a UT, if it was face-up?

    The way it’s worded, yes, it would work against other UTs.

    What’s the timing on the use of that ability? When revealed, once per turn, beg…[Read more]

  • (Splitting up the replies a bit so it isn’t just one big wall of text.)

    Apologies for another post, but things keep coming up.

    No problem at all!

    The Gem of Hades/Red Skull changes the ship and crew that find it to Cursed, the code says that crew that are placed on the ship after become cursed, but revert back to their original nationality if…

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  • Let’s say that someone had a field day with Captain Nemo, captured a bunch of crew. The ship Nemo is on gets captured, ala the Harbinger from Spanish Main. Nemo’s ship had the SAC ability on it. The person who captured Nemo’s ship then builds the Devil’s Maw fort. Can the person who captured Nemo use the SAC ability on his ship and the Devil’s…

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  • “Give this ship a move action but do not move her. Instead, roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, move an enemy ship L in any direction.”

    Pretty sure I asked this in regards to VASSAL Campaign Game 1 back in 2016, but not seeing the answer in the Code. Can you use SAT/EA abilities to use the above ability twice in one turn?

    The SAT ability only rea…[Read more]

  • Question about Native Canoes; since they have no masts, and cannot be assigned crew, if they went through a whirlpool and rolled badly, you’d HAVE to eliminate a treasure that they were carrying, yes?

    Correct. You have to lose something if you can, and the canoes give you no other options.

  • When a ship explores an island, it leaves behind a marker to show that it is explored. Once explored a ship can dock and then load treasure/cargo as a free action.

    Suppose two friendly ships are docked at the same island. One of them explores it, but does not load any treasure, just leaving an explore marker. Now that the island is explored, the…

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  • Regarding Ransom; this from the Code:

    -Friendly abilities (cancellers, doctors, etc.) cannot affect a crew with this keyword.

    What part of the original keyword would indicate that?  I realize it’s a big headache if you cancel Ransom after you’ve captured the Ransom crew, but I don’t see how you would know you couldn’t without specifically l…

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  • With Runes of Thor/Loki on a ship with Nemo’s Plans, can those be used on each player’s/faction’s turn, or only once per round?

    Things that aren’t tied to a specific action can be used once during each of your own turns.

    Because Thor/Loki can be used out of turn, that extends to once for each of your own turns, so effectively it’s once per round.

  • Agwe Flambeau

    This ship gets +3 to her storm rolls. If this ship rolls a 6 in a storm, eliminate that storm.

    Do you remove the storm only on a natural 6, or will a modified 6 do it too?


    Ability: Helmsman. Cannoneer. Once per turn you may move one iceberg or storm S in any direction.

    Is that once during her turn, or once during every…[Read more]

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