• If the flotilla keyword is cancelled, can it still shoot through itself?

    Yes.   The body of a ship (including oars, turtle panels, and the little flag at the back) never blocks its own lines of fire – only masts block.

    Asking for a friend: do derelicts block lines of fire?

    Yes.  Ships always block lines of fire for other ships, regardless of…[Read more]

  • For Mysterious Island #7, can the new coin be a UT or a 0 coin?

    5-6: After exploring this island, place a treasure coin from your collection with value equal to or less than one you took on the island.

    It specifically refers to a coin with a value, so 0-gold coins are allowed.

    Most UTs would not count because they lack any gold value,…[Read more]

  • Do you skip an eliminated player’s turn with Altar of the Loa if all they have left in play is a fort?
    No.   That player will count toward the endgame condition because they can’t give move actions, but assuming there are enough other players still going to prevent that, the player with the fort still gets their turn in the normal seque…

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  • If it was allowed for usage in a game, could the Sleigh start the game with Unique Treasure aboard her?

    This ship cannot be shot at, and she cannot sink. She begins the game fully loaded with treasure from her controller’s collection. Her base move becomes 6L when she has no available cargo capacity.

    If you can, could you include Abandoned c…

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  • Is terrain applied to docking location after Message in a Bottle is triggered?  (I assume it would be on a case by case basis whether or not the terrain rules say “touches” vs. “moves over”)

    Message in a Bottle is meant to just dock the ship at the island, and not potentially act as another Lost, so the ship should be placed at the island i…[Read more]

  • Does a forfeit affect existing gold scores?  For example, if a player forfeits, does their gold count, or does it automatically become 0?  (asking partly since someone could have an “emergency” and clear their fleet out and leave the venue, at which point they can’t claim to win just because they have more gold at the time)

    That’s going to be up…[Read more]

  • @Xerecs

    If you use Hidden Cove to fling a ship to a Mysterious Island, can you immediately roll for that Island’s effects? If you can, can the target ship be given a move action to move away, re-dock and roll for effects again?

    Hidden Cove docks the ship, so you do have to roll for the island effect immediately.   If you used your action(s) to mov…[Read more]

  • @CrazyIvan

    How does “This ship may dock at an enemy home island and load one treasure. If able, she must leave on your next turn.” work? Do you get to choose the treasure you take or is it random?

    The player losing the treasure gets to pick the specific one you steal, so you’re unlikely to get something highly valuable unless that’s all they hav…[Read more]

  • @crazyivan

    There are several things such as even the 40 points fleet limit that leave me wondering what the original idea was for how they thought the game would be played. Did they want fleets with only 2 ships? Did they think people wouldn’t use crew as much? Did they mean for players to be able to stack loads of Unique Treasures and only h…

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  • Lots of good points for discussion – this could almost be a thread entirely on its own.

    Are ban lists and house rules just a knee-jerk reaction to something that players see as unfair, OP, broken, or “unfun”? Have adequate counters been considered, and if so, are they too much of a chore to include to justify not banning/house rul…

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  • Can you tow a tangled derelict out of a sargasso sea?

    No, it would have to be repaired first.

    You could also use one of the abilities that move other ships, if it’s pushed completely clear of the terrain.

    Can a ship shoot after freeing itself from a sargasso sea? (by extension, is “its action for the turn” a move action?)

    Not on the same tur…[Read more]

  • If a crew such as Commodore Matthew Perry (American 0LR +5) is on a shipwreck, I assume that only American ships could load him because he can’t be assigned to ships of other nationalities?  If so and it was not the original owner, would it be considered a captured crew or just a free crew?

    If anyone but the original owner picked him up, Ransom wo…[Read more]

  • For spying abilities (such as “Once per turn, this ship may look at one face-down cargo on any ship”), is it every player turn or just on that player’s active turn?  (same wording as Canceller so players voted to have it apply to every player turn in last night’s 6 player game)

    As long as it doesn’t require or generate an action, you can use…[Read more]

  • I checked the older versions of the Code that you’ve uploaded to BGG but found no text differences relevant to this topic.  Wondering if it originated in an older FAQ or a specific Multiplayer Rules document perhaps.  For example, where does the current Code ruling come from?  And if it originates from before any of the sets came out, why didn…

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  • Makes sense!  Thanks for all the answers lately, it’s been very helpful.
    I think part of the confusion stems from the Combined Set rules, which state “The game ends immediately…”, which seems to contradict what the Code says.

    You’re welcome!

    I saw your post over on BGG about that too.    That looks like just a side effect of paraphrasin…[Read more]

  • Just to make sure I understand: For example, in a 7 player game where 4 players must be “eliminated” to trigger the “half or more” rule.  Players 5-7 are already out.  Another round starts, and Player 1 eliminates Player 4.  Players 2 and 3 then take their full turns, and the game doesn’t end until Player 4’s next “turn” comes around?

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  • If PotC Davy Jones declares “no target” for a previously activated kraken, does that still use the ship’s action for the turn?

    Changing the target, even just to remove the target, requires the full action.

    Is the ship’s action for the turn used if the targeting ability is used and then cancelled after someone declares a target? (the kraken…

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  • If a ghostly ship is moved by an outside force into a fog bank, does the resetting of Ghost Ship (since it doesn’t seem to be a “continuously active” ability) cause the ship to become lost in the fog bank before the controlling player can “ghost” out of it and ignore the fog bank?

    Ghost ship’s terrain ignoring effect only applies when moving[Read more]

  • Regarding the Davy Jones’ Key UT: “Swap Davy Jones’ Key with one face-down treasure on any other wild island.”
    -I assume it’s revealed when found?  Or can you do a covert swap?  Is it placed face down on the island it gets put on?
    -If it’s the last coin in play and there is no swap to be made, is it loaded onto the ship?
    -What happens if th…

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  • If you copy Sea Dragon to a Titan, can the Titan make swoop attacks?  The Sea Dragon keyword mentions “base”, which a Titan might not have (unless it would be considered where it touches the water for copying purposes).
    In addition, if you copied Sea Dragon to a ship, would that then be considered a sea creature and not be able to have crew assi…[Read more]

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