• My question concerns using the unreleased Fort St. Phillip (in a draft of Revolution) in conjunction with native canoes. (now that I think about it, El Puerto Blanco has the same ability)

    Fort St. Phillip
    4 gold
    A ship docked here may use its action to look at one face-down cargo on each island.

    Do all of the canoes sacrifice…

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  • Woelf replied to the topic Promo Edition? in the forum Pirates CSG 4 days, 16 hours ago

    I can’t recall ever seeing one labeled as a “Promotion Edition”, but then again I never really paid much attention to that.

    Spanish Main did have a set of “Ghost Ships”, but I’m pretty sure they were never distributed in packs like this, plus there were a lot more of them than what would fit in a single pack.

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  • Without question, the “collectibility”.

    Everyone loves pulling something rare or cool from the random packs, but once you’re past the first dozen or so packs from any given set, you hit diminishing returns very quickly. You’re less and less likely to find something new, and increasingly likely to get duplicates of what you already have.

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  • Almost all of these “changes” are things covered by specific abilities.

    In a much more streamlined version of the game, it would make sense for most of those to always be available as parts of the standard actions. You’d lose a big chunk of the strategy in selecting crew for your ships, but it would make things a lot simpler, and would allow you…[Read more]

  • Repeating Guns: When this ship is given a shoot action, you may declare that she is using repeating guns. If all cannons hit during that shoot action, each cannon may shoot again. (This action does not count towards the two action limit) For each cannon that misses on its second shot, eliminate one mast or cargo from this ship.

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  • If a native canoe finds the Marines UT, does it leave the game or stay on the island?

    It just removes itself without doing anything to the canoe.

    Neptune’s Trident – does it affect ships docked at HI’s? Can you measure the S width S away from the ship and protruding at a perpendicular angle? (I may need to show diagram/picture)

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  • I can’t think of anything too complicated that actually came up in a game, but maybe it just seemed like not a big deal at the time or was easy enough to see coming so it could be avoided.

    Way back when I’d created a set of rules challenges where there was some odd combination of pieces, and people had to figure out how the interaction worked.…[Read more]

  • Becoming the RA is an obvious one for me, although I’d have to say the biggest actual accomplishment was writing up a 50+ page FAQ pretty much from scratch, and then expanding and updating it for years afterwards.

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  • If the “Crew of any nationality may use their abilities on this ship” ability is 3 points, then I think that Privateer could be 2, or the same. With that now said, Lt. Carruthers would see his point cost go up to 8-9 points.

    Privateer is essentially Ex-Patriot, but without giving the Mercenary keyword or allowing Mercenary crew.

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  • This would be a good thread to sticky to the top, or better yet include in a new post with any other relevant codes and tricks for posting on these forums.

  • I have a double set of the old Gale Force Nine islands, which always get used in place of the generic cardboard ones that come in packs. They’re nice and solid, but still very low profile and only slightly larger than the standard ones so they don’t mess with table size and are easy to store/transport in the same containers as everything…[Read more]

  • Do the Jade Rebellion versions of the Clear Wind and the Divine Wind have the same ability? I noticed that the master spreadsheet gives them the same ability, but the actual text on their cards is different.

    The Divine Wind has the standard wording for her ability: “If this ship shoots at a ship that was previously shot at by another ship this t…

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  • It was never a very useful site, but was nice to look at, at least. It’s too bad the old forums aren’t accessible that way, but you always had to log in just to access those, so it’s understandable why it couldn’t be archived.

    The link to the FAQ still works. That looks like the very last version I put together before making the full switch…[Read more]

  • Delusion Flavor Text:
    “Captained by Fitzgerald, who was stabbed in the back by Blackheart for a gold medallion and left to die, and crewed by pirates killed for their treasure by their own former crewmen, the Delusion haunts the seas searching for the gold that was stolen from her in life. A glowing mirage on even the most moonless waves, the D…

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  • I don’t think there’s any clean or universal way to retrofit this onto the game as it is, at least not without breaking several things along the way, but it would have been a cool feature to have baked into the design from the start.

    There are lots of ways you could do it. Die result ranges where you you have to roll increasingly higher to hit…[Read more]

  • I think I can make a case that Delusion = Zeus, but I need to do a bit of research into first.

    There is a lot of overlap with the 10-masters, so if you can find something in the flavor text that supports it, I can add it (or at least a note about it) to the duplicates list.

  • Tenysius Lyons
    Ability: Loyal: Mercenary. HI Raider. If this crew and a crew with the Helmsman ability are assigned to a submarine, that ship gets +L to her base move instead of +S.

    I get what you’re doing with this one, but the wording has enough wiggle room that it could cause problems. It could be argued that you’re getting +L in addition to…[Read more]

  • Woelf replied to the topic Miniature Review format in the forum Pirates CSG 1 month, 1 week ago

    Letting them go into the regular forum is probably fine for now. They would get much better/more responses here instead of being sequestered off in an adjacent area. If there is a sudden influx of reviews, and a new forum section was added, I assume any created beforehand would be relatively easy to move over.

  • Woelf replied to the topic Miniature Review format in the forum Pirates CSG 1 month, 1 week ago

    This is handy to have for anyone that wants to keep writing reviews (or update previous ones).

    Is there a good place for others to post them? Creating a whole new section of the forums might be a good option if there’s enough demand for it, and this post (or a duplicate of it) could be made into a sticky at the top for easy access.

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  • Jamaican Escape
    Type: Ship
    Faction Affiliation: Pirate
    Rarity: C
    Point Value: 10
    Number of Masts: 2
    Cargo Space: 3
    Base Move: S+S+S
    Cannons: 2S-3L
    Ability: Schooner. If this ship begins a move action within S of land, she gets +S to her base move. If this ship is assigned at least 2 crew, she gets +1 to her cannon and boarding rolls.

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