• I just skimmed through the battle report where these came up. Interesting ending!

    1. Can Maps of Hades be used to break a tow? (ex: a Galley with the Maps that gets an action from an enemy player)

    Yes. Abilities that move other ships (as opposed to giving move actions) can break a tow by moving either ship involved.

    2. If Spices and Smuggled Goods…

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  • I can think of an additional timing issue. I feel like this could potentially be finagled to essentially remove a ship from play to make it immune. What if Davy Jones copies the Fog Hopper ability and moves into an enemy smoke bank. They remove it, and the player says they’ll choose the second option, “it will have to exit from a different one dur…

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  • Q1) A Fog-Hopper moved into an opponents ‘Smoke/Fog’, which is removed at the beginning of the opponents turn. When is the decision to use the ability chosen? This is a timing issue, as since the ship is not being given a move action the ability wouldn’t be triggered. But can the ship still stay in the fog/ether as per the owners choice? Is it fo…

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    Points: 7
    Nationality: Mercenary
    Ability: EX-PATRIOT. Once per turn you may force an enemy ship attacking this ship to reroll any number of d6.

    As written, this can really only affect one roll of one die per turn.

    It specifies “attacking this ship”, which narrows it down to mostly just cannons shots, or arguably ramming and boarding…[Read more]

  • Tiny nitpick: The PC has “This ship can shoot at submerged ships within S” with the “of her.” part at the end of the ability text.

    There’s not much need at this point for another update to the PC, but I noted that in my master copy, so if a new release ever is needed, that’ll be covered.

    Just to confirm, the “must begin the game S away from its…

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  • Woelf replied to the topic Game Piece Rarities in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week, 2 days ago

    Rarity distribution is information that Wizkids has never released in any meaningful way, so anything known is largely anecdotal. People who have opened and cataloged numerous boxes have probably noticed some patterns, but it didn’t help that it seemed to vary wildly from set to set, and sometimes even regionally.

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  • I guess I already know the answer, but Titans can’t repair right?

    Correct.   You can legally assign a shipwright to one, but those don’t grant the ability to take repair actions, they only change where you can give that standard action.   Sea creatures can’t be given one at all, so the SW doesn’t help.

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  • Becalmed will affect canoes normally, because they cannot move while derelict. The fact that they cannot become derelict is incidental.

    Forts do not block movement of Titans, so they can pass over regardless of ownership. However, they cannot stop over an opposing fort, because that would dock it at the island, which cannot be done at an opposing fort.

  • Is Calypso’s ability supposed to be mandatory?

    At the beginning of each of your turns, roll a d6. On a result of 4-6, instead of giving this ship an action, choose two whirlpools from outside the game. Put one L away from this ship and one L away from a wild island. Neither can be placed so that it touches any island or ship. This ship does n…

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  • Great news: with google drive you can upload a picture that has text and open it with google docs to convert it to regular text.  I just tried it with a capture of the original Custom Ships Organized Version thread (nearly 3MB with a ton of text) and it worked.  Doesn’t preserve the formatting but at least an option.

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  • It’s just interesting that RtSS has been known about for years now with a lot of the game pieces seeing play over time, while in fact we weren’t too far off from basically having 2 unreleased sets.

    It was definitely a near miss, although if that had happened it would still only be one set unreleased – just a “large” normal-sized set instead of a…[Read more]

  • If you ram a ship and make it derelict (wether it’s caused by the ram or the shoot action granted by a captain) you can’t board it anymore right ?
    I think I’ve already saw the question asked in a previous topic but I can’t seem to find it.

    Yes, you can still board a derelict.   The owner of the derelict won’t have any masts to add to their die…[Read more]

  • With all of the shipping and distribution stuff that needs to happen prior to a release date, I don’t think Topps making the shutdown even two or three weeks earlier would have prevented the set from hitting the shelves, but it’s entirely possible that they purposely timed the announcement to come just after that and any other pending sets for…[Read more]

  • Can a crew with the Sac ability successfully eliminate themselves to give their ship an extra action?

    Nope!   You would lose the source of the ability the instant it’s eliminated, which would take the extra action it tried to generate away with it.   Because you can’t gain an extra action that way, you can’t make the elimination at all.

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  • https://piratescsg.fandom.com/wiki/Keywords
    you don’t run this one?

    Yikes.  That whole page is just a disaster, and based on edit history, it’s been abandoned for almost a decade.   Delete your bookmark to that site and never look back.


    Stick with the official and/or verified information Ben has available here.   The “Information and Stats<…[Read more]

  • At this point I don’t know if I’ve even had to deal with the rules for [sand bars] yet since in my games ships just sail around them. 

    You can say much the same for terrain in general, or at least Reefs and Sargasso Seas.   It’s been a long time since I actually sat down to play against anyone, but I can’t even remember the last time anyone sailed…[Read more]

  • D’oh!  Yep, they were flipped.   Fixed now, thanks!

  • Alternatively, if I had Conseil link to all mercenary ships instead of taking up cargo space, would that work? 🤔 Probably not.
    The intent behind me putting dories on it besides just simply making him have the Bianco’s Hauler’s ability was to reward people for making “lore correct” combinations, and provide more incentive for players to make use…

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  • Maybe the sandbar terrain idea was going to be a thing  😉

    I’m assuming someone has already come up with possible ideas for sandbars in the past, but here’s a quick take…

    SandbarAt the start of the game, roll a d6:  on a 1-3, place all Sandbar terrain with their “Low Tide” side up; on a 4-6, “High Tide” side up.      At the beginning of each…[Read more]

  • Woelf replied to the topic Photopea in the forum Pirates CSG 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    According to Riz’s BGG profile*, he hasn’t logged in since February of 2016, so don’t hold your breath waiting for a response that way.  With his website down and MT long gone, unless someone has another contact email for him, he could be tough to reach…   🙁


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