• Black Mark makes the crew and the ship that crew is on cursed. The keyword states that any other crew on the ship retain their original nationalities. Would they be able to use their abilities once the ship becomes cursed or would some other ability need to be present to allow the other crew to use their abilities?
    For example; Jacques duc de…

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  • “If this ship wins a boarding party, she may capture the crew with the highest point cost instead of eliminating it. A captured crew becomes cargo worth its point cost in gold when unloaded at your home island.”

    How would this interact with the gold bonus ability, or other affects the modify gold values?

    “One of this ship’s treasures is wort…

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  • Woelf, do you know if there’s a specific reason that crew on scuttled ships are eliminated rather than removed from the game?  I’m not sure if I really grasped that until rereading the rule just now.

    Most likely it was just an “oops” when the rule was written and no one ever noticed it, but play it as written.   There are a few very specif…[Read more]

  • Ben covered it well.  Just a couple extra clarifications that often come up:

    Likewise, if I am towing and successfully dock at my home island, does the derelict ship (after being moved to a docked position on the home island) then get an action on my turn?

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  • Timing question. Let’s say that Commander Temple (SM 068) and Peter Miles (FN 050) are on the Maui’s Fishhook. The Fishhook uses her Hoist arm to explore an enemy derelict. Which ability is applied first? Would Miles be able to steal most of the treasure on the target ship before Temple’s ability kicks in? Or would Temple’s ability take precede…

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  • Potentially silly question.
    Under point reducers and modifiers, The Code says:
    -The point cost of a crew cannot be reduced below zero.
    Can a crew be reduced to zero points? For example, an oarsman on the same ship as Countess Diana Doone. Is the point cost of the oarsman reduced to 0 or does it stay at 1?

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  • Q2) Davy Jones (DJC) copies the Fog-Hopping ability and moved into a fog. Since his ability is reset on the next turn, can the ability be recopied and ‘hop’ out of another fog with a move action? Does the ability need to be recopied or is it carried over from the last turn?
    Copied abilities generally do not carry over, so he would have to cop…

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  • Woelf replied to the topic A New Kind of "Bidding"? in the forum Pirates CSG 1 month ago

    If the game was still going, instead of calling this “bidding“, you could call it “bribes to get someone with direct contact with the designers to push to add specific abilities“.   😛

    Spain gets a capture crew at Bonny Peel’s price, and a sac-captain equivalent to the original Blackheart.


    I think an equally interesting thought, especially i…[Read more]

  • If abilities that have the same trigger but are different, what happens?
    For example, lets say that Bonny Peel is on the Fool’s Hope and the ship wins a boarding party. Which ability may be used?

    As long as their end effects are different, you can use them together.

    With that particular combination, Bonny’s ability can grab one crew, AND you c…[Read more]

  • The Code:
    “Named crew have only the abilities printed on their cards.  They do not gain any other abilities based upon their name, title, or flavor text. However, named crew may still be used to trigger other abilities that refer to a specific name or title.”

    Does this mean that Capitaine Chevalle for example, would satisfy the condition for…

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  • I think that part of the keyword would prevent any boarding while submerged, even the S board ability.

    Correct, “cannot board or be boarded” will block the use of the S-boarding ability in both directions.

  • Can Sea Dragons be used to build a fort? Not as the ship that explores, but as the friendly ship docked at a previously explored island.

    It seems like they could be used to build a fort, is there something we’re overlooking that would prevent them from being able to do this?

    Sea Dragons technically count as ships, so as long as one is t…[Read more]

  • So given that Sea Monsters and Titans cannot be rammed, what is the point of the ability text of Empress (crew) and Hanc0ck (ship)? “If this ship wins a ram roll against a sea monster or titan, remove two segments instead of one.” I just can’t imagine a completely useless ability, a niche one sure, but not an invalid one.

    That ability is just…[Read more]

  • Barnacle and Grand Barnacle need to be added to the No Duplicates list as the same ship.

    I never realized there was so much extra backstory for those ships!    Added to the list.

  •          So in this case could those masts not shoot forward?
    They can. I think it was just an oversight when designing how the ships would look.  My bad, I was only thinking about schooners.

    Yep, that’s just an artwork thing, to make them look prettier or something.

    Any single mast by itself always has a 360° firing arc, regardless of which…[Read more]

  • I would think the assumption that a ‘Sea Monster’ defaults to sea creature rules if not stated would be incorrect. The ‘Sea Monster’ keyword says if the monster is surfaced, it acts as ship with the listed modifications (pin/board mods). It should be following the ship rules, not sea creature rules. That would mean cards like Empress (crew)…

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  • Correct.  If your ship can’t dock, you can’t use things that would cause it to dock.

  • Woelf replied to the topic What kind of player are you? in the forum Pirates CSG 4 months ago

    The Sophisticated: Makes fleets and theories involving silver coins, Parley, obscure combos and reducer crew but rarely even plays the game.

    The Nice Guy: Often points out different avenues an opponent can take, opening their mind up to great moves they otherwise wouldn’t see that could result in the nice guy losing the game. Great at t…

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  • The Completionist/Super Collector: Wants at least one of EVERYTHING. Busts, boxes, tattoos, inserts, one of each type of unopened product, wrappers, GF9 islands and booty finder, etc etc. This is a broad spectrum with “one of every playable game piece” on the “cheap” end.

    A mix of these two, although the Collector part more toward the “cheap”…[Read more]

  • 2. Ghostly ships could be shot at while ghostly.
    These both seem to miss the mark thematically and we have house rules reversing them.

    While it may seem questionable thematically, it was done that way as a balancing thing.   There were only two cancellers in the entire game (Nemesio and LeNoir) when Ghost Ship was introduced, so they had to p…[Read more]

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