• Does the action limit apply to a Treasure Ship’s ability to move after loading treasure? So if a treasure ship uses an ability to gain a second action, then uses it to explore, can it now move S away per the Treasure Ship ability?

    What you’re outlining seems to be legal. The movement is a free action if I recall correctly, which would not app…

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  • I have an idea for an ability, but I want to ask a question first. An ability that specifically allowed for crew stacking; would that break the game? If not, about how many points would said ability be worth?

    A general ability that allowed others to stack is just begging to be abused. I don’t think it would work at any price, at least not without…[Read more]

  • There’s a lot to unpack here…

    Lighthouse: Building lighthouses follows the conditions for building forts. Gold used to build lighthouses are placed next to the lighthouse and still count towards a player total. Once destroyed the gold remains on the island. The light emitted from the lighthouse has a range of L+L measured from the base of the…

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  • Can’t really argue too much with the list.

    I probably wouldn’t have included Tsai, despite how ubiquitous Sac-captains became, because he’s really only useful to the nations that don’t have a Sac of their own and/or don’t have other reliable sources of extra actions. The nations that already have one of their own aren’t going to bother with…[Read more]

  • If Fear on a nearby ship hit that same Sea Monster with a 5 roll, that would theoretically release that pinned ship correct? (since then the Sea Monster would be pinned instead with the keyword cancelled) If that happened, would the ship become pinned again once the effect of Fear subsided if the Sea Monster didn’t move away and regained the u…

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  • This must have been answered before but I can’t find full confirmation in the Code. If a Sea Monster does not have sufficient cargo space and wins a boarding party, can it eliminate a non-Unique Treasure from the enemy ship?

    No, it only gets the eliminate effect for UTs. If it doesn’t have space, it can’t touch non-uniques.

    Suppose a derelict i…

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  • Wrecks block lines of fire, correct?

    I don’t think it actually specifies one way or the other anywhere in the rules, but the fact that the ship remains in play after sinking means that the LOS blocking rule should still apply to it.

  • Awesome, thanks Woelf! Interesting that a submerged ship with that ability could shoot through a nearby submerged ship to shoot at another submerged ship.

    I think the most logical way to look at it is to assume that the torpedoes or whatever else is being used to make the attack needs to travel at or near the surface, so the middle ship on the…[Read more]

  • 19. Nova

    Ability: Schooner. This ship may dock at any upgraded island, and swap any number of coins from her cargo, with the same number of coins from that island. If possible, this ship must leave on her next turn.

    You may have mentioned it on a previous page, but what’s an “upgraded” island? Fort? Home Island? Something else specific to this…[Read more]

  • Maximum Gunpowder
    Point Cost: 2
    Ability: If the cannons of this ship’s lines of fire are in range of more than one enemy ship, on a 6 you may eliminate one cargo from the further enemy ship in addition to any damage dealt to the closer ship. When using this ability, if a cannon roll is a 1 remove this equipment from the game and e…

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  • Consider a scenario like this with all 3 ships lined up:

    [Submerged submarine][Surfaced submarine][Enemy ship on the surface]

    I assume that if the submerged sub shoots at the ship on the surface with a Marine, the surfaced submarine blocks that line of fire?

    (not what happened in CG2, just curious)

    Perhaps a better question would be if Cadara…

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  • This has probably already been talked about…

    I assume an “action canceller” wouldn’t work? Just by definition it sounds too broken. Trying to make it as “fair” as possible: “Once per round during an opponent’s turn, you may cancel one action taken by any ship within S of this ship. The controller of that ship may choose to give the ship a…

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  • I always tried to get complete sets, or at least as close to that as possible without spending a fortune on eBay or wherever for specific items. Trading took care of most of the regular set stuff, and any extras like LE/SE/promo items were always targets of opportunity that I’d try to get when possible, but wouldn’t worry too much about if they…[Read more]

  • Best of luck Ben, and hopefully all goes well!

  • The way Red Dragon’s ability is currently written (“This ship may shoot at pirate ships.”), it doesn’t actually do anything. The ship can already shoot at Pirate ships normally, so it’s a nothing ability like that extra text that was added to Pride and Julius Caesar in one of the REV reprints. It won’t allow you to attack friendly ships…[Read more]

  • Does the first or last line of text take precedence? The first line seems to indicate that a ship only has the abilities printed on it’s deckplate, and if the Galley keyword is not part of that text then it doesn’t have the abilities of a Galley. The last line seems to indicate that it could still be treated like a Galley, even if the Keyword isn…

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  • @woelf: Strictly as a matter of opinion, do you think that ships should be able to tow other friendly ships that are dismasted but have oarsmen?

    With the Oarsman keyword as it stands now, it sounds like that would be illegal since the rules say you can only tow derelicts. However, I think having the option of using the oars is more realistic.…

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  • Back when I still played regularly, about the only consistent thing when setting up fleets was that I’d always try to use only a single nation at a time.

    Beyond that, I always made an effort to do something completely different every time. One game might be a treasure-oriented Spanish fleet, the next a battle-focused English fleet, and the one…[Read more]

  • Did something go wrong with Event costs?

    I get it that most of them suck, but other than Divers, Raft, and Rolling Fog, the adjusted costs are so high that they’re far beyond playable – Mermaids especially.

    Changing abilities to improve balance wasn’t the goal of this recosting at all, but in the case of most of those Events, that’s the…[Read more]

  • The thing with the Ryuk’s ability, is that the ability text of the crew you’re going to eliminate has to match exactly with the crew that’s going to be sacrificed on the Ryuk.
    [Additional explanation/examples]

    By now I know that the Ryuk’s ability is probably understood, but I just want to put this out there so there’s no question about it.

    If t…

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