• Enemy ships get -1 to their boarding rolls against this ship.

    I’ve got that ability on some customs, and it would be effectively the same as +1 to boards

    Yeah, there’s really no need to create a new ability that produces the exact same effect as an existing ability.

    Instead of reducing rolls, a better debuff might be to prevent the use of b…[Read more]

  • That’s the thing. I don’t want to make customs that are purely in line with what Wizkids costed things at, because then none of my switchblades and whatnot would be priced right either.

    I agree with you about WK’s pricing system having a lot of issues, and that’s why I generally try to avoid commenting on point costs for custom things (es…[Read more]

  • Carronade
    3 points
    Ability: This ship gains one 2S cannon that can fire from any mast (even an eliminated mast), but cannot have its range increased. When this cannon hits, eliminate one mast and one crew from the enemy ship. This cannon may be used with other equipment. Ships may use up to two Carronades in one turn.

    Really excited…

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  • Woelf replied to the topic For Rants and Raves in the forum Pirates CSG 1 day, 11 hours ago

    I’ve always wondered how often those “basic” rules ever got used for someone’s first play of the game, and assuming anyone actually did play that way, how many of them managed to enjoy it enough to want to move up to the real rules.

    Several of the other WK game lines (Mage Knight, Mechwarrior, etc.) came with starter rules too, but those were…[Read more]

  • When I first read the heading I thought this would be more about running up the score after it was obvious the game had already been decided.

    As far as taking just enough risks to squeeze out a win, to me that’s the whole point of the game. If you always play it safe, you might have a more consistent win/loss record over a large number of…[Read more]

  • Keeping the ability as-is and reducing the cost by a few points is the simplest and cleanest way to make them better. The “plain” 5-point versions we got late in the game’s run were pretty decent, but the initial set was way overpriced because they also had that +1 boost tacked on. Drop that boost (or make it just 1 point instead of 2), and…[Read more]

  • Any sort of action of system for recovering crew after a ship sinks is already largely covered by Raft, which would become obsolete with an Abandoned Ship, Swim to Shore, or comparable house rule. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering it’s a single-use thing that costs build points, but also far from essential.

    For the most part, I…[Read more]

  • Woelf replied to the topic News and Updates Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Weirdness continues. When I’m on the main forum page, I’m shown as not logged in. However, once I click on a thread and go in, I’m suddenly logged in. I haven’t checked the Customs thread yet though. I’m fairly sue that the oddity is on my end, though I’m not sue what to do about it, since I’ve already removed some cookies and stuff.

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  • One more question, if a UT remove, like Pirate Codex or some such was revealed and all face-up UT’s are removed, in the case of the Chariot, what happens to the crew that was brought in?

    Without the Chariot to ride on, that crew is in an illegal situation and has to get tossed (out of the game) immediately.

  • Randomizing MIs is a very good thing. Beyond just a d6 roll, you could go with a d10 or even a d20 that you roll against a whole chart full of island effects. It would almost completely eliminate any chance of farming for UTs, and would make the islands with game-breaking effects unreliable at best. It would add more randomness to the…[Read more]

  • -A crewmember assigned to a sea monster using this unique treasure ignores all cargo space requirements.

    I’m taking this to mean that a Sea Monster with a cargo of 0 would be able to have a crew assigned to it, as long as it was through the UT, is this correct? What happens when the Sea Monster in question HAS cargo, does the crew assigned by t…

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  • The searchable reference database will be by far the biggest loss, at least as far as non-personal items are concerned. Is that something that could eventually be recreated here, or on an attached website? Obviously it would take a ridiculous amount of work to set back up, so it wouldn’t be anything happening any time soon.

    In my opinion,…[Read more]

  • @woelf: Perhaps I could give the Mirage an ability similar to that of Dr. Faust from Fiends of the Blood Islands? His ability reads: “Once at the beginning of each of your turns,roll a d6. On a result of 6, instead of giving this ship an action, you may give an enemy ship an action.”
    Would this make the Mirage a little less broken?

    Sure, that wou…[Read more]

  • Chariot of the Gods, from the code:

    If there are no sea monsters in play when this unique treasure is revealed, it remains aboard the ship that found it and has no other effect.

    This has come up in CoEC, the Chariot has been found, but there are no Sea Monsters in play when it was found. What would happen if a Sea Monster came into play? Would the…

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  • 18. Emerald Mirage
    Ability: Mercenary. Once per turn give this ship a move action, but do not move her. Instead, eliminate a mast from this ship. You may give an enemy ship an action.

    I agree with Ben that this is too automatic. It’s similar to the effect of Davy Jones, but he costs almost as much as this entire ship on his own, and still only…[Read more]

  • I actually like the idea of making it automatic with shipwrights since they’re not worth using very often. Letting ships with shipwrights repair 2 masts in one action while docked at home or a fort could at least make someone consider using one instead of a cannoneer perhaps.

    The part I don’t like about making it automatic at your home island i…[Read more]

  • It’s too bad that the “cancelled user” names get replaced with the admin’s, so it’s impossible to know for sure who posted what unless they’d left a signature of some sort or were quoted by someone else.

    It’s somewhat understandable why it’s done that way, and is definitely better than just wiping those posts out entirely, but still, there…[Read more]

  • Consulting with the designers before new sets went to the printers. Even though they didn’t use all of my suggestions and ideas, it was really neat being directly involved in the design to help shape the way things came out. Quite a few problematic things got knocked down or fixed before they could become a problem.

    I barely ever got into the…[Read more]

  • A bonus of some sort would make repair actions more efficient, but I agree that the bonuses should really only apply at your home island, and they should be limited in scope. Rolling a d6 and getting back that many masts would be way too much too quickly.

    Rolling a 5-6 to get one extra mast when docked at home would be simple enough to add, and…[Read more]

  • Not sure why it wasn’t displayed for Ben and Woelf. It appeared plastered on every page of MT I tried prior to posting here.

    Just another annoying hiccup for MT I suppose

    Just a matter of timing, probably. TCO has always been the parent site, so it makes sense they’d post it there first and then add it to MT a short time later.

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