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I started making Pirates CSG videos in May 2017 and cannot seem to stop!  There are a bunch of playlists sorted by various topics.  I LOVE making youtube videos about Pirates CSG, so feel free to send me suggestions for videos I should make!  (take the video survey, comment here or email me –  Thanks for watching, feel free to like and subscribe!  Check out the channel itself for all videos.

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Yes, that is it. The computer audio input and output has worked great for both videos and the podcasts. Camera doesn’t have great battery life for videos but it works well enough.

I did get an SSD for my old laptop in early 2018.

As you might be able to see from some of the videos, I use OBS Studio for my screen capture videos.


  1. I’ve found that waxed cord, which can be found under the trademark Wikki Stix, when trimmed into manageable lengths, helps keep ships and islands from drifting during movement. Best used on a smooth, washable playing surface.

    Your straw method is exactly what I’ve been missing in my gameplay. A touch of waxed cord on either end of the straw, and…
    Many Thanks Me Bucko!

    • @Rick: Thanks for the tip! I’ve made a note to hopefully share it during a vlog or other video. Using waxed cord is an interesting idea I never would have thought of. Looking up Wikki Stix for reference, it’s something I remember playing with a little bit as a kid. I assume you mean to place some lengths of it on the bottom of ship hulls and underneath islands? I haven’t had a big problem with things shifting around during gameplay, but I hope to pass on the advice to others in case they might find it useful. I’ve had a great experience using my fabric oceans.

      Indeed, the straws are a great accessory tool for movement, and I’ve used them to mark the boundary edges of the sea in terms of playing flat or round earth. I’m not sure why you’d want the waxed cord at the end of the straws – could you perhaps enlighten me on that angle?

      Thank you!

    • @Robert: Great idea, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve got a ton of stuff on my Pirates CSG to do list I need to do first, so if I can manage that sometime, it won’t be for a while. I’m also getting busier with non-Pirates stuff.


  2. Hi Ben,

    You know I have never heard of this type of game but it seems really fun. I appreciate your in-depth explanations and the steps for building your ship. Then you have the ability to move however you choose sounds like a plus because you don’t have a board to follow.
    Thanks for showing me something new.

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