Ranking: Top 5 Barbary Corsair Gold Runners

The Corsairs are so good at treasure running and so many of their ships are so similar that I just decided to keep it simple and only rank my top 5. Almost any BC ship can be a decent treasure runner, and pretty much any 5 of the honorable mentions can be put in a random order to make this a top 10 and it would still look like a decent list. I know there are some decent candidates that aren’t even on the HM list – I didn’t want to link to their whole fleet!

Top 5 Barbary Corsair Gold Runners

1. Tiger’s Eye

This was #3 on the gunship list and here it is once again. Once you get over the effectiveness of this ship I’d encourage you to move on and use different ships. Laughing

2. Algiers

This was one of only two Corsair ships I had (along with the Griffin) for a long time and is therefore a natural favourite of mine. Nice speed, good cargo, solid durability, and a cool (I’m running out of adjectives lol) ability that can help her out. In terms of a Corsair ship she’s sort of on the large side of the scale and her cannons may even hit something if you need them, something that can’t be said for a lot of other Corsair ships!

3. Griffin

A very cheap option that doesn’t lose you any speed or cargo spaces. Her ability is the key to her low cost. There are a bunch of other BC ships with the same point cost or speed but none that can match the Griffin’s overall combination of cost, speed, and cargo.

4. Morocco

With 5 cargo spaces and terrible cannons, the Morocco jumps out as a gold runner. Even after adding a helmsman she’ll have 4 spaces left. Her ability makes her a near-perfect gold runner.

5. Crescent Moon

This last spot was a wild card for me and I wanted to include a 4 master. The Crescent Moon has the best combination of speed and cargo so she gets the nod for the final spot.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Winds of VengeanceSplendorMarrakeshGolden PeacockDesert WindAgha’s WhipQueen of ShebaSaharaDervishWhisperCarthageTunis

(I love the Queen of Sheba and I wanted to include her in one of the lists. I felt that her ability inhibits her use as a gunship because she only has 2 masts in the first place and she can’t afford to lose any without the enemy firing a shot. The Morocco is a similar ship but more of a typical treasure runner. However, the Queen of Sheba’s ability becomes irrelevant when using her as a treasure runner, so it comes down to how the player values the Morocco’s ability for the extra 2 points.)

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