Ranking: Top 10 Cursed Gunships

The Cursed have always been one of the hardest factions to play and easily the worst faction in the Big 6. They do have a solid amount of usable ships, especially gunships.

Top 10 Cursed Gunships

1. Grinder

This ship is so much better than almost every other Cursed ship it’s not even funny. Fast, great guns, nice point cost, not to mention some relatively useful abilities. This ship gets the job done and can even be used as a hybrid ship since the Cursed have so few good options for getting gold.

2. Executioner

This is another rare Cursed ship with S+L speed. As long as your captain isn’t cancelled her guns improve to rank 2’s. It would’ve been nice if Fear was left out to lower the cost a few points, but this is still one of the best Cursed ships either way.

3. Grim Reaper

This ship is very underrated and effective. Essentially a poor man’s version of the Grinder, the Grim Reaper can still do serious damage for a low point cost. In addition her boarding bonus makes her more relevant against larger ships she’ll go up against.

After those three ships, things get more difficult because the ships have either worse cannon ranks and/or much slower speeds. Therefore it became harder to rank the ships for the rest of the top 10.

4. Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon is a classic, the only Cursed 6 masted junk and the only non-Jade 6 master outside of the HMS Grand Temple. She has been very involved in a lot of big and fun games, most notably the first 500 point game I played. Her guns really need the extra boost to become effective, and although they still aren’t spectacular, it helps that there are so many of them, not to mention the Junk keyword. Her speed sets her apart from some of the following ships.

5. Loki’s Revenge

This ship is crazy! I must admit some bias here because as of now the Loki’s Revenge is one of my favourite ships. A captain and helmsman brings the total point cost to 20, and an additional 3 oarsmen for the sac ability brings it to 23. However, you’re guaranteed to move S+S+S+S and rip off a full dozen shots at 2L! Shocked Now you can see why I wanted this ship so badly. I also must say that she is one of the coolest-looking ships in the game. Finally, if I had to pick a favourite flavour text for a game piece, I think it would be this ship.

The Loki’s Revenge spews fire like some kind of deranged god, an ability that science has yet to explain.

Laughing Cool

6. Flying Dutchman

This is essentially a 22 point ship once you add the necessary captain and helmsman. That’s a high price to pay for a ship that’s still moving pretty slow with a relatively bad ability. The Dutchman is habitually overrated by newer players and I must say somewhat underrated by more veteran players (I have to admit that I almost left her off the list entirely!). At the end of the day you’re still getting a large dangerous ship with very effective guns. If you think about the total point cost, gun ranks and speed she’s actually quite similar to the Loki’s Revenge. However, the sac ability is so much better than BA that it overrides the Loki’s weakness of only having three masts.

7. Baba Yaga

Another less flashy Cursed longship, the Baba Yaga is effectively able to shoot 2S guns six times per turn. Once again you’ll be paying a lot for it because this will run you at least 20 points. The Baba Yaga is just one of those gunships that’s simple but effective.

I found it hard to determine where to rank the next three “ships” because they’re unique in all sorts of ways and it’s easier to rank the ships one after another.

8. Behemoth

The only “ship” in the game with the copy ability. Behemoth is just that, a true behemoth on the high seas. Copying a captain is the obvious choice, but all kinds of fun combos could be available, especially in a large or multiplayer game. Definitely one of the best sea monsters.

9. Calim

Calim is one of the fastest monsters in the game. When combined with her ability and the fact that the enemy ship will be pinned after the ram, Calim can become quite a nuisance to your opponents. Her gun ranks are worse than Behemoth’s and it’s much harder to give her the ability to move and shoot, but Calim is a large threat (literally) in any game.

10. Death’s Anchor

This should probably be ranked higher, however I wanted the spotlight on the actual ships as much as possible. This flotilla has better gun ranks than the other one (listed below) and is a very effective firepower boost to any Cursed fleet. Fast ships like the Grinder and Executioner are especially useful for towing the Death’s Anchor, but I’ve also employed the Fallen Angel (listed below).

Very close to being in the top 10: BrachyuraGuichuanHellfireLast HopeMonkey’s Paw

Other honorable mentions (in no particular order): Hades’ Realm, Mourning StarRaptor MawSilver CoffinSkin FlayerGuineeJuggernautLechim NamodMaxehebelSea DuckCalypsosFallen AngelWhydahMist WalkerUrdCrushed SkullSea MonkeyNightmareDelusion


  1. I find it difficult to list any “ship” that can’t repair in a top ten. As good as Behemoth and Calim are, I probably wouldn’t bring them to a pure cannon fight, at least not without sufficient support. To that end I probably wouldn’t include any of the Sea Monsters in the honorable mentions, except perhaps Behemoth.

    If I were to make a top ten now, I’d probably try and fit the Hades Realm and Abomination in somewhere, even if as an honorable mention or very close to top ten.

    For all ragging I’m doing, I do agree with the top 4 selections, and the inclusion of the Dutchman, after all how many other 5 mast ships have all 2L cannons?

    Long and short, very nice ranking!

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