Ranking: Top 5 Mercenary Gold Runners

Top 5 Mercenary Gold Runners

1. Celtic Fury

With the Dories keyword the two ten masters have to take the top spots on this list as they did last week because you need at least one canceller just to make a Merc treasure runner viable.

2. Shui Xian

I switched the order on these two – I have some vague notion that the French have more gold-running type crew than the English.

3. Devil Ray

This ship could use another cargo space or two, but her speed is quite good for a Merc ship when underwater, which is where you’ll want her most of the time.

4. Matuku

This is the only “normal” gold runner the Mercs have. Add an explorer and you’ll have 3 open spaces moving S+L for 13 points, comparable to other factions.

5. Corcoran

This is another rare Merc ship with S+L speed, although she’s not as well-known as the Matuku because of her rarity.

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Bosun’s BaneDuncanSlipstream

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