Ranking: Top 10 American Gunships

Top 10 American Gunships

1. Enterprise

After putting the HMS Titan #1 on my list of English gunships, it should come as no surprise to see the Enterprise atop this list. The Enterprise was actually the second five master I ever got, so naturally she’s seen a ton of usage. In fact, her masts have been taken out and replaced so many times that they’re looser than most other ships.

2. Blackwatch

I’ve said this already, but there’s nothing like having a world-hater on a ship with great cannons. The Blackwatch has firepower that is almost unrivalled by any other ship.

3. USS Kettering

This ship is one of the coolest ships in the entire game. She already has good speed, so you don’t need a helmsman like you do with most other gunships. The Longship keyword doubles her firepower to six shots per turn. The built-in canceller is what puts this ship over the top – just about the best and most flexible ability in the game.

4. Ghost Walker

See the Kettering above. The Ghost Walker doesn’t have quite the firepower, but the Ghost Walker is still a ship to be very concerned about.

5. Franklin

This is another legendary ship that has sent countless vessels to the bottom of the sea. Equip her with a captain and helmsman and you’ll have 4 1S guns sailing at S+S+S speed.

6. Constitution

Since the two versions of this ship are so different I’ve ranked them separately. This one isn’t as playable as the OE version, but as with El Acorazado there is not really another gunship in this game that can beat a ship like the Constitution in one-on-one action.

7. USS Thomas Jefferson

This five master is an absolute beast with all 2S guns and five cargo spaces to fill up. The S-boarding ability makes her even more deadly. I also find her to be one of the coolest looking five masters.

8. Bonhomme Richard/USS Constitution

Since these are so similar and I did separate rankings for the Constitution, these two are ranked together. The Richard gives you slightly better speed but slightly worse firepower. If you know what faction you’ll be facing it will make your decision easier.  BHR is probably a bit better overall since she’s a better hybrid.

9. USS Mercury

This is the best 3 masted submarine in the game. The Mercury combines the best guns money can buy with a nice defensive ability. If this wasn’t a submarine it wouldn’t be on the list, but subs are notoriously difficult to stop and this one is exceptionally good where others are not.

10. USS Stephens

The Stephens is the only ship in the game with both the captain and reverse captain abilities. This makes her the only ship that’s viable to use as a gunship with no crew whatsoever. She is slow and expensive, however, so to maximize your investment I would suggest a helmsman and a world-hater. Her rather average guns keep her from moving higher on this list.

Very close to being in the top 10 (in no particular order): IntrepidMohicanUSS AlbanyUSS EaganIndependence

Other honorable mentions (in no particular order): USS ConcordiaUSS Morning StarSea SerpentUSS DenverUSS SeattleConcordHorizonPresidentProvidenceHessianPaul RevereUSS AtlantaUSS MarylandUSS SiouxUSS QuigleyChesapeakeJarvisJulius CaesarLouisianaPeacockSaratogaUSS EmeraldUSS HudsonUSS MontezumaUSS OvertonMinuteman


    • @KBence: Yeah I would say that’s lucky! Definitely one of the most purely effective gunships in the game. Funny enough I think Xerecs pulled a Blackwatch from his first pack of Pirates!

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. Though it was my first 5 mast ship and is my favorite ship overall, I can understand your reasoning behind putting the Bonhomme Richard so low. I would, though, probably rank her a little higher than USS Constitution due to her speed and extra cargo space- easier to play her as a hybrid with either a helmsman or SAT character and still have 3-4 spaces left over for treasure compared to 2-3 on Constitution.

    Also, I really don’t like the USS Constitution’s design. Doesn’t hold a candle to the PotRV Constitution’s design

    • I made this a while back. Looking at it again, I would probably put BHR above both the OE Constitution and USS Mercury. I’ll make a small edit to lower the Mercury’s ranking.

      Agreed about the better artwork on the RV version. I wish they had been truly historically accurate though – should only have 1 full gun deck, not 2.

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