Battle Reports Compendium

Battle Reports Compendium

This is my attempt to organize all of my best battle reports in one place.  I will add to the list over time.  For tips on playing some huge games, check out my Guide to huge games.  You can see summaries of my huge games on this page.  My best strategic moments and well-played games can be found here.  The bolded ones are “extra good”.  🙂

Campaign Games

The 2011 Cumulative Game (2011)

Pirates CSG with RISK (2012)

Century of the Empires (2013)

Pirates: Economy Edition (2015)

VASSAL Campaign Game 1 (2016)

VASSAL Campaign Game 2 (2016)

VASSAL Campaign Game 3 (2017-2018)

VASSAL Campaign Game 4 (2018-present)

Command the Oceans (2017)

The Hourly Campaign (2018-present; on hiatus)

The Caribbean Game (2018-present; on hiatus)


Other Huge Games

First 5 fleet 500 point game (2011)

2nd 500 point game (2012)

Defence of St. Helen’s Scenario, 3rd 500 point game (2012)



VASSAL Tournament #1 (2016)

VASSAL Tournament #2 (2016-2017)


Other Games

The Acorazado Trials (2012)

El Acorazado vs. HMS Endeavour (2013)

My first game with a blue ocean (2015 – some of my best pictures)

Halloween Game – 4 Fleets at 60 Points (2015)

One of the best games I’ve ever played! (2015)

Smallest cumulative game ever (2015)

The Experimental Cumulative Game (2016)

8 fleet game after T1 (2016)

Legend of the Giant Turtle (2019)

4 Fleet 100 Point Game (2019)

6×150 (2019)

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