Pirates CSG Podcast #37: Optimizing and Using Lesser Ships and Crew | Circle of Blood Review

Pirates CSG Podcast #37: Optimizing and Using Lesser Ships and Crew | Circle of Blood Review

Question of the Day: How do you get lesser ships and crew into action?

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“thoughts on optimizing less/not utilized ships”

-MUST have speed, so helmsmen pretty much always necessary (especially since a lot of lesser ships are slow). Beyond that, try to find a niche use for specific game pieces. For example, 1 cargo and fast speed? (Dark Fox) Scout explorer with crew or S-Explorer. OR, flotilla tug with surprise crew face down (canceller/captain/etc).

Slow with high cargo – home waters hybrid to get nearby gold and protect HI, potentially use with navigator. Could also use with gold factory bonus strategy, especially in case of Spanish “treasure galleons” such as Isabela, Concepcion, etc.

-Keep in mind that your competition will not want to dumb things down (people like to win and often use the same OP ships all the time), so have realistic outcome expectations and propose alternative game ideas like “make worst fleet possible, pass to other player” to get lesser ships/crew into action. Other than that, more points = more points to use on gimmicks and suboptimal experiments

“Rules variants to get the ships on the table.”

-Require specific base move – Challenge of Snails, all L, etc.

-Require all cargo holds to be full during setup – force players to make tradeoffs on when to dump crew – right at start, at wild islands (making them accessible to other players), or go with total war/all combat strategy? Con-exacerbates how OP Sac already is.

-Require each player to use ONLY ships AND named crew they’ve never used before (for starters, look through what you’ve never punched out!), or a pure faction fleet from a faction you’ve never played.

-Look through Fleet Challenge Archives to find fun restrictions http://www.miniaturetrading.com/im/forum/viewtopic/t=8492///

Reviewing Circle of Blood

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Pirates CSG Podcast #36 – News, Recent Rulings, How to Use Synergistic Pieces, and Norvegia

Pirates CSG Podcast #36 – News, Recent Rulings, How to Use Synergistic Pieces, and Norvegia

Question of the Day: How do you use pieces synergistically? (combos/etc)




-HWG out of DJC SE 4 box lot for $20 (Hill’s Wholesale Gaming: http://www.wholesalegaming.biz/pirates/)

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-Set Reviews now officially done, so we’ve literally discussed ALL existing game pieces PLUS nearly all the Unreleased game pieces that are publicly known (covers various “game piece reviews” mentioned in suggestions, plus you can see additional thoughts on most game pieces in my Collection Review Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRq8fy93o3wHNqZMSQzR342yP4WX_LHzq)

-Nobody has requested custom game piece reviews, and one person even said they wanted less, so might do less of that moving forward.  Link to Podcast survey is below – please provide idea suggestions!


Recent Rulings: https://pirateswithben.com/forums/topic/questions-about-game-rules-the-pirate-code-the-no-duplicates-list/


How to use synergistic pieces: +1 to cargo on flotillas – devastating combos available

Norvegia –


Norvegia vs. Altar of the Loa at 40 points: https://pirateswithben.com/norvegia-vs-altar-of-the-loa-2013/


Strategy talk: who to annoy or help in various situations you don’t expect – should you help or hurt certain opponents at various times? Especially in multiplayer.  Examples include Pandora’s Box, Message in a Bottle with tied islands, Maps of Hades, etc. (with Maps – could go back and forth to toy with opponent)


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Norvegia in action during VASSAL Tournament #2.

Norvegia fleet Pirates CSG Tournament 2

The San Cristobal (SC) caught the NH and blasted most of her masts off. Luckily for the Pirates, the final mast standing meant the NH could return home with a sac action. The Star of Siam docked home gold on the turn as well, giving Norvegia a bit of a windfall. The Banshee’s Cry (BC) is hiding from the SC while the Monarca runs gold.

Pirates CSG Podcast #35: Return to Savage Shores Set Review

Pirates CSG Podcast #35: Return to Savage Shores Set Review

Question of the Day: Do you like Return to Savage Shores?  Do you wish it was released?  Do you like it more or less than Savage Shores?  Have you used any RtSS game pieces yet?  If so, how did it go?

-RTSS WAS NEVER PHYSICALLY RELEASED!  Woelf provided the information in 2012.  It is not a set you can collect, and you’ll have to use proxies, custom made ships, or VASSAL to use it.

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Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/PiratesCSGPodcast35

You can find the set in the Master Spreadsheet.

Wikipedia page with info
Woelf’s original Sneak Flashback threads: http://www.miniaturetrading.com/im/forum/viewtopic/t=8679///

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Return to Savage Shores Set Review

Crew art from Vincent Dutrait for SS and RtSS



Pirates CSG Master Spreadsheet

Question of the day: Which of these game pieces would you most want to use? Which ones excite you the most?




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Info on the Miniature Trading crisis: http://m.miniaturetrading.com/im/forum/viewtopic/t=9350///

Pirates CSG Master Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18Z-x-z9gaWiKFLk-kw1weamc0A1-NxMN3xLjWWKsUmA/edit?usp=sharing

Pros of my spreadsheet:
-Don’t have to scroll to the right for anything important (flavor text and treasure values off to the right) (Basically a rule of Pirates CSG spreadsheets in my opinion – if you can’t easily see all gameplay-relevant data without scrolling, columns should be shrunk down for ease of use.)
-All flavor text included
-Factions color coded for maximum ease of use (I like the new design so much that I think I will be converting my custom sets to the same color scheme!)
-Took the best stuff from each resource used (Holofernes’ notes from Jolly Roger + filtering, flavor text from Wizkids spreadsheets, Miniature Trading database for cannons and some flavor text (a/b for crewfer twofers/etc are lowercase because that is how they appear on the WK documents)
-Includes unreleased and “lost” items from official Wizkids documents

-Some columns do not display well at all with the filter view. Those are the ones I slanted so they would be more legible (it gets worse if they are horizontal).
-Filter view does not seem to work with Google Sheets version for online viewing, unless you create a temporary filter view yourself. Even tried allowing editing mode and locking the sheets, but that didn’t work either. (https://productforums.google.com/d/msg/docs/68RwOGYUCqA/PFFYjiaKBwAJ)
To view filters in online version: Data>Filter Views>Create new temporary filter view
The .xlsx file of the spreadsheet has the filters.
-Likely some minor mistakes due to copy/paste errors or excessive dragging of cell data. (please point out so I can fix them)

Listened to this playlist while working on the master spreadsheet: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR_xCgMZxpEhsLTENwBgZUWQ2FnpuZCnW

Woelf has shared some original Wizkids spreadsheets with me to help in my process to create a “master spreadsheet” that I hope to turn into a second database, similar to the one at Miniature Trading. In these incredible documents are many “juicy tidbits” of information, a true treasure trove of cool stuff for a Pirates fanatic like me. Smile

How crazy is this?! New Pirates information 13 years later! XD I can’t wait to use these new game pieces in games sometime.


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