• oooh, some wonderfully nasty Cursed.

    I agree the Epidemic might be OP in long/large games, as well as campaigns. As evidenced by the Conglomerates poor start and performance in CG4, Plague can slow a fleet down significantly. That said, I do like the ability, as it seems to be a twist on your Flying Dutchman ability.

    Wormking’s ability seems…[Read more]

  • Nataliya is a ship I would definitely use. Given he speed, I’d put just a captain and helmsman on he to chase after gold runners, and use the last cargo spot to steal a coin given he second ability.

    Conversely, I’d try and optimize that second ability as much as possible with some boarding oriented crew.

    Volk seems like a very solid mid-size…[Read more]

  • Sila already looks like a monster gunship, quite impressive with all rank 2 cannons.

    I think the Opyt is fine, price wise, as-is, since the cheerleader ability is sometimes over costed, especially on smaller ships.

    Are you going to try and be historical about you customs? I ask because the Russians o Russian empire wee not that active on a…[Read more]

  • Exactly, all “measured ranges” would include cancellers, shots that go underwater, Fear, etc.  If it turns out to be too powerful, I could increase the cost, or more likely decrease the turn limit to every 3-4 turns instead of 5.

    Yikes, that’s some extreme defense. Its good that it can’t also target stuff while underwater as well. I think limi…[Read more]

  • “The Decent speed and cannons make me inclined to turn her into some kind of gunship, but her cargo is somewhat limited.”

    I don’t see 3 cargo on a 12 point gunship being a problem.  2 gets a little iffy, but 3 is plenty.  I think it’s the type of ship that would do well without a lot of crew beyond captain+helmsman.

    Fair enough, I suppose I’m j…[Read more]

  • I was half expecting Shiva’s Rage to be a galley, given the name. 😀

    This is a funky ship, with some interesting abilities. The Decent speed and cannons make me inclined to turn her into some kind of gunship, but her cargo is somewhat limited. Ghost Ship adds another layer of interest to her, since I’d want to try and maximize that ability,…[Read more]

  • <div class=”bbp-reply-content”>

    Random underrated ship – Centurion from PotC.

    Never hear anyone talk about this ship, but she’s a great budget hybrid.  Reasonably strong in all areas except speed.

    I think my Pirates used he briefly in last yeas CoEC, she was part of a battle squadron that the Pirates put together to attack either the Cursed or th…[Read more]

  • I quite like the Evening Sta, even with limited cargo shes a monster gunship with that ability and the point space to put some of the high-power crew the Americans have.

    This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls and boarding rolls against Russian ships.

    Interesting, when will we see some of these Russian ships? I’m always interested to see new…[Read more]

  • The Stormdove could be interesting in set ups with lots of terrain packed closely together, that +S could happen more frequently.

    I like the SoP, seems exactly like what he flavor implies, a good second o back up runner in a large game o a campaign.

  • Sure, I’d be down to try something like that. If you wanted to make it a permanent rule or variant, you could get actual cards (like playing cards) that have the name of the ship/crew/UT on them, which would correspond to the actual game piece.

  • I intend to do CoEC. However, summer jobs for me and one of my bothers, plus summer school for the other may slow down or hamper our efforts.
    Before that though I need to evaluate the rules and whatnot, since we all remember them, but some details are fuzzy and inconsistent with what we do. I think you mentioned this last year about a discrepancy…[Read more]

  • Xerecs replied to the topic Battle Reports in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week ago

    The next report for CG4 is now up, here.

    In case you want to catch up, here is the entire playlist of my reports for CG4.

  • This was awesome! The giant moving turtle, the successful aid by the Zeus, as well as the final gold counts. I thought the Corsairs might get second or third after the turtle attacked them and all that, but I was happily wrong!
    Agreed, the Frontier is amazing, she alone at that cost makes the Americans a relevant and competitive threat.
    A little…[Read more]

  • Xerecs replied to the topic Thoughts on Sea Dragons in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week ago

    Sea Dragons are fun if a little difficult to use imo. To best take advantage of their unlimited movement and swoop attack (or their regular cannons and abilities) I find it advisable to have some kind of fleet action available, be that Lord Mycron, or one of the many ‘roll a 6 one ship in your fleet gets an extra action’ crew. Those will allow…[Read more]

  • As a general question, how would these loyal: Merc or dual nationality crew be used in a campaign?

    I like anything Eternal, so I’m quite fond of Xelomenos, and Haltharad seems to be made for campaigns/large games.

  • I just do what feels right to me. Kind of a balance of “would I use this at this cost” combined with “will Ben have an aneurysm looking at what I just typed” lol. Not too much of a science to it.


    Heh, I’ve done some of that. 😀 When i cost things, if I’ve used an established ability, like +1 to boarding rolls, I try and find pieces that WK made…[Read more]

  • I feel that the Garmr should be a little bit more, but not by much. I think 13 might be good, if only because that boarding ability is much better when the ship it is on has more cargo to take advantage of more crew.

    Usually ships with the Acorazado ability deserve to be expensive, however I feel that the Skidbladnir should be less than 20, say…[Read more]

  • USS Vesuvius
    Type: Ship
    Nationality: American
    Point Cost: 23
    Masts: 3
    Cargo: 3
    Base Move: S+S
    Cannons: 3S,3L,3L,2S
    Link: David Porter
    Ability: Bombardier. You own any derelict that this ship explores; both ships become docked at your home island.


    I like this Bombadier, though I think it’s a little too expensive. WizKids didn’t really price…[Read more]

  • I like the ability of the Deathless, BUT I feel it might be too good, even at 17 points. She has VERY good cannons and decent speed for a ship that size, couple that with her ability and it becomes very hard to sink her for good. Perhaps I’m overreacting, but that’s my gut reaction to it.

  • When this fort hits an enemy ship, also eliminate one crew from that ship. If an enemy ship is within S of this fort you can roll a d6. On a result of 6, one target crew is immediately assigned to this ship. Its nationality changes to match the nationality of this ship. If any ship is moved into contact with this island, that ship and all crew…

    [Read more]

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