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    Anyone interested in Skipping Stone?


    I m looking for promo cards form Davy Jones, MI, Frozen North, OE and Fire and Steel

    also looking for Zeus and the Franklin

    Pay with Paypal or i can trade.

    If u want make some offers



    Long time no chat with any of the Miniature Traders community but…  I have a short list of items I am seeking in unpunched condition, I am willing to pay or trade an amazingly generous amount for any of the following:

    Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Fire and Steel

    P08Obago Deuce1 copy

    94Turtles2 copies

    201Chain Shot1 copy

    218Stinkpot Shot1 copy

    223Treasure Card1 copy

    225Treasure Card1 copy

    Pirates of the Cursed Seas: Rise of the Fiends

    201 HMS Apollo 1 copy

    204 HMS Stingray 1 copy

    207 Griffin 1 copy

    Pirates of the Mysterious Islands

    200 Corcoran 1 copy

    If you have any PM me and I will check in every few days.  I offer your selection of cash (reasonable offers only, I am not paying $50 per item), SEALED Pirates of the South China Seas packs (available on eBay for about USD$20 each from various sellers), SEALED Pirates of the Revolution packs, or many many available unpunched cards which I have lost track of but which several include LEs (I have over 10,000 items you can feel free to ask me for specifics but it will take me a while to look through them).


    I have a few of these pm me id love to make a trade.


    Purchased some Revolution packs and these are duplicates I’ll put up for trade/sale:

    Black Swan

    HMS Lord Cauldwell

    La Vengeance


    Hades Flame

    La Belle Etoile




    Christian Jefferson Esquire

    The Devil’s Maw


    @Robin, how much money could I trade for Raptor Maw?

    And also @Jack, What are some ships you would want for the Black Swan?


    I’m after ships from older sets primarily. If you have a rare ship from Spanish Main through Mysterious Islands that I don’t, I’d gladly trade the Black Swan for it. As long as it’s a usable ship and not something like Le Solitare lol

    E. Wolfe

    I’m trying to sell duplicates, mostly Savage Shores. All cards are in good condition unless otherwise noted.
    Unopened Savage Shores SR packs 3x

    I05 Island Paradise
    I09 Great Turtle 3x
    I16 Isle of Fire
    045 Cannibal King (constructed with minor repair at the base of the aft mast)
    046 Speedy Return (Re-punched)
    048 Soul Crusher (Re-punched)
    049 Valeroso (constructed with minor repair at the base of the central mast)
    051 Celtic Fury card 1/3
    Crimson Coast: 091 St. Pierre (minor scratches)
    Crimson Coast: 094 Buried Treasure (minor scratches)
    Revolution: 101 Thompson’s Island (minor scratches)
    Ocean’s Edge: 139 Shal-Bala 4x

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    @E. Wolfe, What do you want for all of these?

    one of the Super Rare Packs

    051 Celtic Fury card 1/3,

    046 Speedy Return

    105 island Paradise 1x

    109 Great Turtle 1x

    Crimson Coast: 094 Buried Treasure


    ok guys, perhaps you can help me

    Im looking for Demon Gate

    common Cursed junk from Savage Shores, 022 common.






    I’m about to get three scavenger packs, If I get demon gate i’ll let you know.



    Thank you!


    I would pay/trade way too much for a copy of Nemo’s Plans, just in case anyone here has one they’d part with. Also Slipstream/Thane Hartless

    Jeremy Bartel

    Hello fellow privateers,

    Still looking for a Pirates of the Mysterious Islands SE #138 Tasmanian Devil – will entertain trades if there is something that you are looking for, but more than willing to offer fair price for literally one of the last ships I need for my collection. Email:

    Thank you for your time.


    If you want custom game pieces, dockyards, and other cool wood paste Pirates CSG models, check out Cloud of Craft Gaming on Etsy!


    A strange find in my opinion for 2020… most of OE for $350.  For me, not quite worth it since most of the LE’s and the Zeus are missing.


    You ho ho me hearties, I am one ship away from having a complete set of Davy jones curse… that ship is the ever elusive “Howl” if anyone has a copy of this ship they would be willing to part with I would be elated.  I would pay good money for this ship or if I have something in my collection hat you’d be interested in let me know… We will work something out… at this point in time I am willing to lay down $50 of me own hardly earned booty.

    Thank you for your time ad if you be interested in my offer please feel free to email me at


    HWG has RVx9 on sale, so you can essentially get a box of 36 packs for $72.


    ok, I just found some more ships, that I didn’t know I have…



    067 Alonso de Orozco

    066 el Toro (x3)

    073 firepot specialist

    111 smokepot spec.


    firepot spec.

    2x smokepot spec.

    2x musketeer


    thu Cursed

    Fiddler’s green

    2x Nightmare





    HMS Bath

    Firepot spec.




    Barbary Corsairs:

    Desert wind


    Maybe someone will be interested in those.

    As always, Im looking fot the Cursed faction 🙂

    J. L.

    I’ve decided to sell my collection. I can’t say it’s anything special and I have no idea what it’s worth. Any help getting a rough estimate for it’s value would be appreciated. It’s a ton of ships/crew/etc mostly from pre SCS that I recall, though I think I did pick up some packs here and there up to OE.

    As several friends later gave me their collections when they quit, I do not know if there is anything from sets beyond OE. Since it’s all in various boxes, tins, etc I don’t have an accurate estimate of how much is there or what percentage is already assembled and I only remember a few ships by name, but I know there are at least several 5-masts including my first ever 5-mast Harbinger. There’s also Zeus, but I don’t know what it’s value would be as WizKids sent it to me special pre-assembled, with only the corner of the main card that had it’s crew and rules as well as the little paper slip with it’s lore and barcode. It has rarely left the box it came in and has never been used, so the ship itself is effectively brand new. Unfortunately as with every Pirates collection owned by kids, a number of the regular assembled ships have broken masts and most no longer have an assigned pennant,  probably lying at the bottom of the box they’re in. I don’t believe any 5-mast is broken, but it’s been years since I’ve actually looked at them all. I can also guarantee duplicates of a number of ships. I traded with friends, but before I’d ever considered selling any there wasn’t a whole lot to do 3-4 copies of a common ship. Now that I think about it, I probably ended up with any copies I traded back in my possession in the end, so there’s probably duplicate rares too. xD

    I’m really busy lately, but if there’s any interest I can try to get some pictures. There’s a lot there and it would take a long time to lay it all out, so I probably won’t have an “armada” pic any time soon if at all. Feel free to message me any questions, suggestions, etc and I’ll try o get back to you as soon as possible. I’d rather not consign any to a landfill knowing there are people who might want them.


    @J.L PM sent.

    J. L.

    Well, I went through three of the tins and apparently whomever gave them to me had a bunch of green marked ships and even some crew, though I have no idea why generic crew would be marked green. I thought green was supposed to be special stuff from limited releases or something. There was also a ton of gold marked ships cards and crew including a bunch of 5-mast and even at least one 6-mast. Also some random unpunched cards separated from their group. Seeing all the different special treasure reminded me that I never actually learned how to play beyond basic combat. Kinda fun looking through. Is there a good way to find out what any of this is worth? Checking eBay sales is a decent view into the current value of items when they’re not too rare, but can give a skewed sense of value to items rare enough to only have one or two listings at a time.


    Is there a good way to find out what any of this is worth?

    That is difficult because the market for Pirates CSG can be so random and volatile.  Prices have risen over the past 3 or so years, but my eBay prices spreadsheet might help a little.  There’s definitely no established price guide or anything, some ships sell for $20 and $4 in the same week or month for example.

    You could try establishing baseline prices per rarity, such as C-$1, U-$2, R-$4, but you could probably get away with more than that for a number of items, especially if you’re willing to wait for some sales.

    J. L.

    Hmm, well I don’t really have the time to put a ton of research into this right now. While I don’t really want to sit on them for another decade, I also am not desperate for cash such that I would undersell for a quick buck. I might just add up the average value of any ships valuable enough to have an eBay presence, then count the rest by your suggestion and make it a big grab bag bundle. The last thing I want is to sell off the valuable stuff and then get stuck with the commons on my shelf anyway. Though I guess I could just toss anything that no one wants.

    Looked at another tin btw. Turns out someone gave me a tin of PotC. That was fun seeing ships and characters from the movies. Even had the Peral, the Dutchman, and Beastie in there. Almost wanted to put the Pearl in Beasties clutches with the Dutchman looking on like some sort of diorama of the movie scene. xD There were other ships I didn’t remember seeing in the movies which felt odd, but I guess there weren’t really enough ships actually named in PotC to make a full set of. I’d be curious to know where those came from, like the HMS Adventure and the Empress.


    edit: Welp, I feel silly. Didn’t think to read the lore on the back before that. Only found out that the Wicked Wench is actually the Black Pearl prior to being sunk and then returned to Jack by Davy Jones. I don’t remember anything about that from the movies though. Was there an expanded universe created around PotC prior to the CSG adaption or did the CSG adaption make stuff like that up to help tie in random ships?

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    Though I guess I could just toss anything that no one wants.

    Whatever you do, don’t do that.  I doubt I’m the only one who would gladly pay shipping and handling so the stuff isn’t thrown out, even if it’s not much stuff.

    Almost wanted to put the Pearl in Beasties clutches with the Dutchman looking on like some sort of diorama of the movie scene.

    Haha, that actually happened naturally in my PotC tribute game.

    I guess there weren’t really enough ships actually named in PotC to make a full set of. I’d be curious to know where those came from, like the HMS Adventure and the Empress.

    True. Though Empress was Sao Feng’s ship in At World’s End.

    J. L.

    That must have been a fun game! I guess I forgot the Empress. I vaguely remember some junks in the movies, but I don’t recall any names.

    Dread Pirate

    Thought I’d try one more time.  Willing to pay well for any of the following.

    From Davy Jones:

    204 L’Epee Sanglante


    From Mysterious Islands:

    200 Corocan

    206 Le Renard qui Vole

    212 HMN Rumbarrel


    From Ocean’s Edge:

    205 USS Cardinal

    211 Tiger

    217 Gator


    From Fire and Steel:

    200 Scepter

    201 Chain Shot

    207 Mourning Star

    208 Lezard

    216 Grapple Shot

    219 Smokepot Shot

    Obago Deuce P08


    Thanks for looking.

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    @Dread Pirate, It’s the HMN Rumbarrel not HMS Rumbarrel.

    HMN stands for Her Majesty’s Nightmare

    Dread Pirate

    Has been edited.  Thanks.


    Looking for Bloody Blade (yes, I like poke ships 🙂 )

    Anyone has one he is willing to part with? In above posts there is list of ships I can trade for it.

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