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    To paraphrase Holofernes:

    If you want to sell on-topic, Pirates related stuff here in the forums (versus on Bay), or want an opinion on what xyz collection or set is worth, or want to buy or trade something… post it to this thread instead of starting a new one, to keep the forums market free. Then those who want to buy and those who want to sell can have a place to do so in peace. Or in strife, whichever is more piratey.

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    Alright, looks like it’s time for the annual Black Friday week sale at Hill’s Wholesale Gaming! (HWG)

    As of this post, 4 items marked down a decent amount; RV is probably the best deal of those that are on sale. (they used to sell OE for $38/36 packs, so that one isn’t as good in hindsight, but still nice)

    No idea if any of these will change throughout the week(end), but I think last year it remained pretty consistent. This is almost always the best time to buy from them all year.

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