• I actually need to look more into this. I have a better understanding of things from expansion to expansion with a few exceptions of ships (Acorazado) that have always stood out. Though I’ve mixed and matched over the years, when I used to play more than I do now I tried to work with the newest release simply because it was in fact new, again w…[Read more]

  • I’ve been considering parting with a number of extras I have from the Spanish Main set, most of which are from the original PS/ES/SS serial set. I have most non-punched cards and also a number of punched ones. Not yet sure if I plan to part with them as a group or singles, but in any case do we have anything on values for this set?

  • I’ve recently been getting back more to it myself and reevaluating my collection. I too have a number of triples. It seems there are some ships that are just drawn to me, over the years I’ve had a couple I seem to pull with astonishing frequency from packs. I would much prefer my extras go to those missing them as well. I actually have almost 2 c…[Read more]

  • I can very much agree with that. I try to buy just specifics when I do purchase something, but over the years of buying boxes and packs I’ve found myself in possession of a great many duplicates from rare to common, even some specials. Though basic crew can always be useful as duplicates, I’ve never had much use for the extra ships, thus as you…[Read more]

  • I like it, this is a pretty solid idea with a lot of potential. It would be great to have something like this that would allow groups to compare collections, especially in the realm of trading/selling.

  • Avast there!

    Following on introductions, I got into PotCS when it was first released with the original Spanish Main series. My friend had bought a pack and didn’t care for the game, threw it out, and I found it in his trash can and became immediately hooked. I’ve always enjoyed ships, the sea, and naval/military history, so the game became a nat…[Read more]

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