• Big score today, gentlemen! Today I got the Akua Lapu, Le Bon Marin, the American native canoes, the Tiger’s Eye, Raven, Hermione Gold, Cannonball Gallows, and the Mont Blanc. The crowning achievement of this pull is the Spanish Morning Star, which I immediately assembled. I’m super excited to use it, it’s a fantastic and beautiful ship that will…[Read more]

  • I’ve bought two 36 pack boxes, a OE mega pack, and unrelated CCG boxes from them and they’ve arrived on time, undamaged and otherwise in a satisfactory condition.  I trust them completely, especially since most of the posts you’re talking about later go on to say that their orders were eventually placed and were backed up in the first place only…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Oh no, I meant with the Divers event. Doesn’t it allow you to sink a ship with treasure and then take all the treasure for yourself? Bringing back enemy derelicts is definitely an option though, since there shouldn’t be a lot of ships out on the seas to put pressure on a towing ship.

    Thanks for your feedback! I know I’ve said it before, but I’m…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 6 days, 19 hours ago

    You guys were right, I checked the Spanish Native Canoes and they’re 9 points, not 10. As such, here’s my new Rebel Spanish fleet:

    Rebel Spanish

    40 pts

    El Leon: 14 pts

    Captain + Helmsman + Contessa Anita Amore

    San Pedro: 21 pts

    Explorer + Native Chieftain

    Native Canoes

    El Raton: 9 pts


    Divers: 1 pt

    Fortaleza Dorada 

    With the…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 6 days, 23 hours ago

    Whoaaa it looks like I missed an integral part of the ramming rules. Only the ramming ship is pinned, not both! Ok, this means that ramming is fairer than I thought earlier: You can remove a mast most of the time for free, but you sacrifice a move action next turn. It would used for finishing moves, I suppose, in that case.

    Now that I know that…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week ago

    Won’t it work if the enemy remains alive? I understand that I’ll be pinned for one turn if I derelict them, but if they have a single mast remaining, they’ll be stuck as well. My point being that I can sacrifice the Bonne Chance to either pin a dangerous ship, or even better, kill it outright.

    Do you see any weaknesses in this fleet? It’s a 40…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week ago

    Alright boys, I’ve got a very special game coming up soon. We’re not sure when we want to do this, but next weekend might be the perfect time.

    My friends and I were thinking of having our first ever deathmatch, and I’ve crafted a French fleet that I hope will put up a good fight!

    Pour l’Empereur!

    40 pts

    Le Soleil Royal: 23 pts

    Capitaine…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic Rules for thought #16 in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week ago

    I like the idea of giving Ghost Ship the submersible ability to ships. It’ll certainly make me want to use them a lot more, and it’ll make these ships more fun to use if you can treat them basically like submarines!

  • Hmm no, the effect is indeed once per turn. I would definitely consider this better than the Superbe if it triggered on every hit like the Belle Etoile since it would severely cripple a ship by killing all her crew at once

  • Hmm. I have a question about the rules. Do I get to choose the crew LSR kills? If not, what’s stopping my opponent from killing off a less useful crew instead of, say, his captain?

    Follow up question, would killing their captain be worth it? Why not just go with the Superbe’s better killing power and destroy the ship outright?

    Sorry if these are…[Read more]

  • Hey guys, I just recently landed the excellent Soleil Royal and I was very excited to use it, until I began to get a little buyer’s remorse upon looking at the Superbe.

    She has better guns, faster speed, and only for 2 more points. It would throw a wrench in my carefully constructed French fleets and I’d need to reconstruct them, but am I wrong…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic The Fleets Thread in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week, 1 day ago

    Marines should have been a lot less expensive and useful. As they are right now, they’re pretty much not worth the points investment. I’d rather have a Sac captain with fodder than a 2S gun that has a gimmicky island move mechanic, often for the same cost.

  • You guys have a point but the risk of breaking the masts is too high for me. I’d rather have a status drawing or something on a piece of paper. It won’t be the same though… I guess we can try taking the masts off if it gets too confusing, though

  • I don’t take the masts off for this reason. I’ve broken a couple masts and hull parts though, while building. L’Eroica and Le Richelieu both have broken masts, but I can fix them with superglue or something. The Clear Wind has a broken hull tab, so that one definitely can’t be fixed.

  • I see you’re pining for the Jannisarie’s Blood. She’s amazing for what she does, I’m going to put a Smokepot and Murat on her along with a captain and maybe a helmsman or a firepot. That’ll make her incredibly maneuverable and deadly, on top of being able to use Smokepot tricks to make getting to her difficult. Her reverse captain ability allows…[Read more]

  • Mechavelli replied to the topic Battle Reports in the forum Pirates CSG 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hey guys, here’s my battle report from the beginner’s game I mentioned 2 days ago. I unfortunately don’t remember the exact crew list of each ship except for mine. The points limit was 40, mixed fleets were allowed, and crew of any nationality were allowed on any ship for simplicity’s sake and to account for small collections.

    I was using my…[Read more]

  • Just acquired a couple French pieces I need for a fleet I’m planning out. I got Paradis de la Mer, Libellule, Le Soleil Royal, and I’ll be getting the Bon Marin soon.

    I have big plans for a couple fleets, including the Spanish one I posted a couple days ago. I’m planning an English one, another French fleet, a couple Barbary ones, and a pirate…[Read more]

  • I’m not too sure about being allowed to repair at sea and also being allowed to move. There are too many ways that it could be abused, from a simple move and shoot after repairing to using an S boarding action, or even repairing, shooting a smokepot, and moving into the fog bank for invulnerability.


    I don’t want to create an OP ship combo but…[Read more]

  • Hmm, I think the factions were more like this:

    Spain: gold running

    England: battle

    France: balanced

    Pirates: balanced

    Corsairs: gold running

  • Thank you for such an excellent write up! Its truly tragic that the game wasn’t able to be completed, but the story remains one of the most entertaining battle reports I’ve had the pleasure to read. I think the moral of the story can be summed up as: don’t trust pirates!

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