What cards would wind up on a Pirates CSG banlist?

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    Suppose the game came back and had a strong competitive scene with lots of tournaments. If you were put in charge of coming up with a banlist, what would you do? Obviously there’s not as much room here as with other games as you are only allowed one non-generic piece to start with, so it’s either adding the Limit keyword to more pieces or banning one entirely.

    Personally I think I would slap bans on:

    San Cristobal (the rare version)

    Hidden Cove


    And add the limit keyword to:

    Lord Mycron

    Capitaine Baudouin Deleflote




    On the topic of the limit keyword, I don’t think rerollers should have the limit keyword. They’re very useful but they’re not as game changing as the +5 crew. So I think I would buff those crew and focus on the truly annoying items.


    I think the only re-rollers that have the limit keyword are the 0 pt ones. Griffin and Lady Baptiste don’t have the keyword. I think it’s more about limiting your free crew. But yes, it’s not as game-changing as the +5 points ones


    This has been discussed at length in one of my favorite threads from MT.  My initial response is here.  Beyond events, I can agree that banning the Banshee’s Cry makes sense, but beyond that I think it opens a can of subjective worms that would just piss off the player base.


    “All of The Cursed, period – I know I’ll take some flak for this one, but imho wizkids sold out to “the dark side” with this faction, and we see the results today.”

    My man Lordstu with a great take. They’re not good but I don’t find them interesting and would prefer if they were super rare ships that appeared here and there as opposed to a full faction.

    I think Banshee’s Cry is fine, actually. Being a one master means you just need to ram it and there’s plenty of ships that can catch it now.

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    I think the Cursed make the game more interesting, I wasn’t a fan for a long time but I’ve just gotten used to them.  I just wish they had gone less crazy with the sea creatures and pokeships.

    Banshee’s Cry moves L+L+S with a helmsman with 3 cargo spaces open for 5 points.  There are counters but she’s as OP as it gets.  One thing that frustrates people trying to critique fleets is that you can easily make a fleet vastly more competitive by just dumping the BC in at the end with a 0LR +5.

    I would much prefer seeing the BC get banned before the SC.  She is far cheaper, easier to use, and pretty much ubiquitous in meta fleets.  SC is great but even has some competition from HMS Grand Temple and perhaps a few others.

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