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    This is another thread idea from MT.  Use it to talk strategy and gameplay with your fellow Pirates players!

    For me personally, I’m definitely going to focus on campaign game play for a while.  After playing a TON from 2011-2017, 2018 and beyond will finally see some much lower games/year numbers for me.  I’d like to concentrate on The Hourly Campaign when I’m not involved in CG4 and The Caribbean Game.



    My Turtle Mania game featured a bizarre and extremely niche new gameplay idea.

    And that is where a new (?) concept or game idea was born: chain capturing.  At the upper right, the Floating Stone of Tsai’s fleet was able to capture the remaining two ships of the other Jade fleet by herself (Hansan Island had been recently sunk).  Back and forth they went, with each fleet controlling 1 or 2 ships each turn of the three pictured.  Eventually Tsai’s fleet was able to chain together enough successful moves, and the captured Dragon’s Talon was within capturing distance (S+S rowing distance in this case) of Tsai’s own ship, the Proud Tortoise.  The PT was reclaimed for his own Jade fleet (this is hard to even put into words because of how confusing it is lol), completing the chain of captures that led to the elimination of the other Jade fleet!  XD  This is one of those bizarre occurrences that would only happen in a very similar situation, with lots of oared ships that are “capturable” (aka no oarsmen) and moving amongst each other and jockeying for towing position on just about every turn.

    chain capturing idea

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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