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    Yes, Sir Edmund, I spelled it wrong.




    Gimmicky Pirate pure Spanish Main fleet:

    Harbinger: (29 pts)

    – Captain Blackheart

    – Calico Cat

    – Helmsman

    – Lucky The Parrot

    – Oarsman

    El Dorado (11 pts)

    Optional: Add Hag of Tortuga and myself on El Dorado and another Oarsman on Harbinger.

    Who needs to explore islands when you can just steal stuff? This fleet very simply heads to the opponent’s HI or a wild island they’re sending their runners to. Take out one of their runners, steal it and the gold for yourself, then repair it and send it to a wild island nearer to you.


    Interesting to put all the crew on one ship.  Tough scenario to win with – just SM and no extra points.  I suppose Harbinger could dismast one runner early and leave it for the Dorado when she eventually gets there, then the Harbinger could go after another ship.  I think I’d prefer swapping out Cat for a helmsman on the Dorado and another oarsman on the Harbinger.  Better to have 3 guaranteed extra actions via Sac than finally get SAT when you need an EA (to move + explore enemy derelict).


    Inspired by Ben saying he doesn’t really use Marines:

    French Marine Fleet

    Le Favori (26 pts)

    – Michel de Bordeaux

    – Benoit de Marseilles

    Le Bon Marin (9 pts)

    – Maurice Artiside

    L’Intrepide (5 pts)

    What I do with the marines varies depending on the situation. My brother tends to like building fleets of small ships, which allows Le Favori to use the marines aggressively. It’s a bit vulnerable to ramming, so I wouldn’t be super aggressive towards warships, unless they carry all L-range guns.

    The marines can simply serve as protection in other situations, as Le Favori has four cargo left and can easily gold run. I rarely ever see reason to drop them off on an island, though.


    @Jack: Looks like a pretty solid fleet actually with plenty of gold gathering capability.  Looks to me like the Favori would have 3 cargo spaces open instead of 4, though that’s still good for the main “gunship” of course.  🙂  Actually I do want to see this fleet in action.

    You could swap Bordeaux for Gendarmerie Rene Moreau to get 2 extra points.  Lots of good options in that case – helmsman on the Intrepide or Favori, explorers on both of those ships, or maybe oarsmen on the Favori and Bon Marin.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)
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