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    Another one for QotD on Facebook. 60 points Davy Jones Curse only.

    HMS Half-Moon(9)+ helmsman, explorer(2+1)

    HMS Starbuck(7)

    HMS Gargantuan(16)+Commander Spencer Portland, captain, helmsman(7+3+2)

    L’Eroica+ Mdmsl Josephine Godiva(0), helms, explore(2+1)


    I was veeeery tempted to make a 60 point fleet revolving around Guichuan, as well as a fleet focused on Bonny Peel, but decided otherwise in the end. HMS Gargantuan fills the role of primary gunship; she should have enough speed and luck to catch any small to mid-sized gold runner as well as get the drop on any gunship. HMS Half-Moon and co will take care of the gold, with L’Eroica making a surprise entry as the primary back-up to the half moon. In fact the Eroica could easily take the primary role is her built in SAT comes through a few times. Godiva links to the ship and provides a re-roll mostly for the SAT but could also be used for other purposes.


    Another fleet from the QotD! Mysterious Islands, 60 points.


    HMS Pacificum(15)+Lt. Henry Ducie Chads, captain, helmsman, firepot specialist(5+3+2+2)

    Devil’s Pay(4)+ Cannonball Gallows(0)

    Coleptra(12)+Captain Mission, helmsman(7+2)

    Panama Sun(10)+helmsman, explorer(2+1)

    Islands: MI#1 and #7


    This was a tougher one. Not too many quick cheap gold ships, if any. There was however a +5 point crew, so I had to bring him in. Could I have done it better? Possibly. However, here we are. Anywho, the Pacificum fills the role of dedicated gunship. She isn’t the most combat capable 5 mast, but she’s the only 5 in the set that moves faster than L. Lieutenant Chads should hopefully give her a speed boost or a second shoot action. Unlike other fleets I’ve submitted she’ll likely stay close to the gold runners. Coleptra and Panama Sun will be doing the gold running, and will be targeting the Mysterious Islands I’ve included. With luck I’ll be able to gather most of the gold on the map in one or two locations and take the best for myself. With most of the gold hopefully near me my opponent will be forced to come to me for it, and even subs need to come up to dock and get gold, making them easy targets for the Pacificum. This fleet depends heavily on island placement and luck, making this one of the most gimmick fleets I’ve submitted yet.

    Luke Menzie

    Ramsical 40 Points

    El Ballista+Helmsman (11)

    Le Lyon+Helmsman+Captain (19)

    L’Afrique+Captain (10)

    It’s time for a GIMMICK FLEET™! El ballista goes in first to hopefully kill a useful crew member. Le Lyon follows close behind to ram/shoot them again. L’Afrique takes potshots from afar or secures a ram kill. Each ship has at least one available cargo space to steal some gold. Watch as your opponent scratches their head in puzzlement!

    Suggestions for this fleet:

    • Towing is bad, leave derelicts for sinking or stealing.
    • Kill those pesky gold runners first, murder is fun!
    • Utilize Lyon to get gold if Ballista and Afrique are enough of a distraction.
    • For 60 points add: Cursed Blade+Helmsman (13), Bloody Jewel+Explorer (7)

    I’m assuming that’s the Ocean’s Edge version of L’Afrique and not her Barbary Coast version?

    Interesting fleet, very combat focused. I’d try and find a way to get a captain onto the Ballista as well. Her cannons are NOT good, but with 4 chances to hit odds are semi-decent that you also succeed with at least one. You can do it by adding Jules de Cissey from Crimson Coast, the French +5 crew. He can hide on the Lyon or on L’Afrique’s one extra cargo space.


    Two fleets from the QotD on FB. Today is time for Ocean’s Edge, 60 points.

    First fleet:

    Virtuous Wind(14)+ helmsman, silver explorer(2+3)

    Sea Crane(9)+ silver explorer(3)

    HMS Grand Temple(15)+Lord Thomas Gunn, Calico cat, helmsman(6+6+2)

    UT’s: Lost


    Should come as no surprise what the Grand Temple will be doing. Her speed and good cannons will allow her to either go hunting the other fleet or will allow her to keep escort with my own runners. Thomas Gunn is chosen over Griffin in case someone brings along the Guinee and cancels the Temple’s ability. Virtuous Wind and Sea Crane will do a bulk of the gold running. Both ships are equipped with silver explorers, and I would be adding almost 2 full cards worth of silver to the mix, so I should find quite a few silver coins. The VW has decent enough cannons it could return fire if something gets the jump on it and leaves at least a mast standing. Lost is included to add whirlpools if I find it. If my opponent finds it, the Temple is probably getting reefed.


    Second fleet:

    Zeus(23)+Emperor Blackheart, captain, helmsman, oarsman(12+3+2+1)



    Pure silliness. EBH will hopefully land a 1-5 more than a 6, which will give extra actions to the Zeus and to the Sea Dragon. 😃 Angelica is the cheaper of the two dragons and has the much better ability. Zeus has enough cargo to essentially operate as a hybrid ship in this set-up. She’ll likely not be able to chase down the myriad small goldships, but Angelica should be able to by flying.


    QotD keeps on going and I keep on answering. 60 points, Disney Pirates of the Caribbean only. This one required some serious thinking as there are no generic crew in Disney Pirates, everyone is a named crew. 0.0 That said, here is the fleet I came up with:

    Grand Barnacle(13)+Bootstrap Bill Turner, Ragetti(2+1)

    Black Pearl(17)+Captain Barbossa, Sao Feng, Elizabeth Swann, Cotton (7+5+3+2)

    Dragon+ Mistress Ching(4)

    UT’s: Pirate Globe, Smuggled Goods, Kraken Gong


    Given that there are only two crew with the helmsman ability and only one with the explorer, I’ve leaned heavily into my main gunship. Almost went with the Flying Dutchman, but speed wins games and so the Black Pearl was chosen. On her we have a full gamut of crew, with linked Barbossa, leaving a cargo spot open for a potential coin. The Pearl is likely going to be one of if not the fastest ships in the match and will go hunting, no two ways about it. Even though she’s bigger than the Pearl, the Grand Barnacle features as the main gold runner of the fleet. Good speed and cargo for a five mast she’ll get around to islands as quickly as possible and hopefully find the Pirate Globe, which will indicate where she’ll need to go and reveal the locations of the other two treasures I’ve included. Smuggled Goods will be handy for getting an edge in the gold game and the Kraken Gong will potentially add more fire-power to the fleet while also potentially annoying everyone if I bring in Kray-Kin or The Kraken. Rounding out the fleet is the Dragon with Mistress Ching. The Dragon will follow along with the GB and take whatever coins the GB didn’t take.

    Luke Menzie

    Hometown Pride (60)

    USS Seattle+Captain+Helmsman+Oarsman (19)

    USS Bellevue+Montana Mays (OE)+Captain+Helmsman+Shipwright+Oarsman (27)

    Black Diamond+Jonah+Le Requin+Helmsman+Captain (14)


    Another Combat fleet, but with a twist. All of these ships have the names of cities out here in the PNW. The tentative idea is that Black Diamond can move (L+S)*2 and weaken an enemy ship. USS Bellevue is close behind moving at the same speed, shooting all along the way, eventually delivering the Shipwright to any derelicts they create. USS Seattle can hang back and ferry gold, or swoop into the fight at a moments notice. I know full well how ineffective this fleet is, but I think it’d be fun regardless.


    All of these ships have the names of cities out here in the PNW.

    Really? There’s a place called Black Diamond?

    Why do you have Jonah on the Diamond? From the look of it Le Requin and crew will fit on her without going over the point limit of the ship.

    Luke Menzie

    They may not go over the point limit of the ship, but they do go over the point limit of the fleet. 60 points is a lot more common than 68 lol. I really wanted every ship to have a captain. And yes! There is a Black Diamond, it’s where I live, about an hour north of Rainier (big missed chance for a named crew right there). I’m just making my fleets using my collection stuff, so there’s probably more efficient builds. Always appreciates hypotheticals though!


    They may not go over the point limit of the ship, but they do go over the point limit of the fleet. 60 points is a lot more common than 68 lol.

    That’s not how Jonah works.  Page 36: “These abilities do not allow you to exceed the build limit of a game. They have no effect until placed on a ship during setup, which first occurs after building your fleet, so they only apply to the point limit of a ship.”


    Another QotD fleet! Frozen North this time, 60 points.

    La Dijon(8)+ Silver explorer(3)

    Marie Antoinette(14)+ Amiral Louis Cartier, captain(7+3)

    Jaguar’s Spirit(12)+Gunner, capt, cannoneer(3+3+2)

    El Hambre(5)

    UT: Runes of Death


    Another tough one, as only the Vikings got a helmsman crew, and they’re far too expensive for my liking. Furthermore, they were the only faction to get a regular explorer crew. However every faction did get a Silver Explorer in this set as it was the first time those crew were introduced in the game. La Dijon will do most of the gold running and will hopefully find more silver coins than regular, and her ability will allow her to move Runes of Death to another island. Marie Antoinette serves as a raiding gunship, that will try and go after enemy gold runners, using her S-board and Cartier’s +1 to boarding rolls to hopefully steal a treasure and then let loose with the cannons. Jaguar’s Spirit acts as the true gunship of the fleet, and will either finish whatever ship the Antoinette attacked or will keep the Dijon and El Hambre safe.


    Two fleets from the QotD on FB! Rise of the Fiends, 60 points. This one was both exciting to do and frustrating.


    Fleet one:

    San Cristobal(15)+ Luis Zuan ,helmsman, explorer(2+2+1)

    Bazana–Diablo(8–7)+captain, helmsman(3+2)

    San Estaban(9)+ Dominic Freda, helmsman(4+2)

    UT: Blood Money


    Strictly speaking, this is a 55 point fleet. You could drop the explorer from the San Cristobal and add the Magdelana, but I wanted to keep the explorer for hybrid purposes. Initially this fleet looked much different with the Rare version of the Cristobal instead of the LE version and the Lady’s Scorn as the main gunship. However I then recalled the Zuan is a 2 point captain because he’s hostile to Pirates, meaning I couldn’t use him if I was going to include the Scorn. So I changed to the LE version of the SC which has SAT built in along with good speed and cargo. Even though she functions more as a hybrid the Cristobal serves as the main gunship. The San Estaban will be relied upon to do the brunt of gold running, equipped with the excellent Dominc Freda. Escorting the Estaban is the Bazana serving as a support gunship with her captain and lugging around the Diablo fotilla, effectivly giving the Bazana the fire-power of a 6 mast ship. Blood Money will be annoying for my opponent and will “guard” an island for me, forcing my foe to seek gold elsewhere or suffer the penalty.



    Fleet two:

    Grinder(12)+ helmsman, explorer(2+1)

    Hades Realm(13)+ El Fantasma, captain, helmsman(7+3+2)

    Grim Reaper(12)+ capt, helms, explorer(3+2+1)

    UT: Cursed Natives


    Again, strictly speaking this is a 55 point fleet. The Hades Realm serves as the main gunship, even though I was VERY tempted to make the Grinder the main gunship. However the Realm is more suited to gunning than running, at least in this fleet. the Grinder will do most of the running with help of a sorts from the Grim Reaper. The Reaper will target enemy gold runners and use her boarding bonus to try and steal a coin after blasting away with her cannons. Should that seem unlikely she is equipped with an explorer to grab a coin that the Grinder hasn’t gotten to yet. Cursed Natives included to slow down and annoy my opponent.


    Two fleets, one from Fire and Steel and one from Savage Shores!

    Fleet one, 60 points, Fire and Steel only.

    Another tough one. There are exactly two crew with the helmsman ability in the entire set, and only one with the explorer ability.

    Trinity(15)+Victor De Alva, Luis Zuan, cannoneer, oarsman (8+2+2+1)

    Morning Star(9)

    HMS Ram(6)+Lord Mycron(6)

    San Pedro(11)

    UT: Turtles


    As mentioned this one was tricky, there are not a lot of fast ships in FS and even fewer decent goldrunners. However, they are there and some of the best from the set are here. Spanish Morning Star is an absolute steal, 9 points for a 5 mast ship moving S+S. I was VERY tempted to put Luis Zuan on her to boost the speed, but felt he would be better suited to the Trinity. Assisting the MS is the San Pedro a clone of El Alquimista from SCS. Same point cost, same ability, same cargo, same cannons and so on. The Trinity fills the main gunship role with pretty much the only EA crew in the entire set in Victor De Alva. Her ability should allow her to catch fast runners, but she’ll be significantly slower once she takes a hit or two. Even though there are cheaper ways to do it, Lord Mycron enters play sitting on the Ram and providing an extra action to any of the other three ships when needed. With luck one of my runners will find the Turtles giving my fleet a nice gold bonus no matter how many of them get home.



    Fleet two, Savage Shores, 60 points

    Akua Lapu(15)+ Isandro Ramirez, Eileen Brigid O’Brien(7+5)


    Celestine(11)+Master Scribe(3)


    Even though this one was tricky I’ll likely make a second fleet for it. Akua lapu serves as a gunship and a pinch gold runner. She’ll have to rely on the Frontier to unload any of her gold however due to the Mercenary provided by O’Brien. The Frontier and Celestine will do the bulk of gold running, with the Celestine hopefully dropping more trade currents rather than eliminating them. Also, strictly speaking this is a 58 point fleet, not 60.


    A by-product of the creative fleet challenge:

    HMS Salient(20)+ Sir Peter Miles(6), Thomas Gunn(5), Sir Christopher Myngs(3), Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen(0), oarsman(1)

    Maui’s Fishhook(20)+ Commander Temple(6), Hermione Gold+Trevor van Tyne(5+2), oarsman(1)

    El San Francisco(8)+ Bianco’s Haulers(3)


    Similar in concept to my actual entry for the challenge. HMS Salient and Peter Miles will go around damaging ships and using the switchblades to activate Miles’s ability to take a treasure. The Salient only has one open cargo space however, so a majority of her function will be softening ships up for the Maui’s Fishhook. Commander Temple leads her, along with the dynamic duo of Hermione Gold and Trevor van Tyne, the only 2 point musketeer. Temple will take advantage of the hoist arm on the Fishhook to steal ships, hopefully with gold on them. In case the Salient and Fishhook have trouble finding targets, El San Francisco rounds out the fleet to provide some “traditional” gold running. Bianco’s Haulers come aboard to provide a smidge of protection while she’s docked and exploring an island for the first time, or stopping off at one previously explored by the Fishhook.


    @Xerecs: Nice fleet.  I like the idea of Peter Miles on a switchblade, though I think the Salient has 2 cargo open (CRGO links and oarsman doesn’t take up space).


    though I think the Salient has 2 cargo open (CRGO links and oarsman doesn’t take up space).

    So it does! I think I was thinking of my original bare-boned version, which didn’t include Gunn or CRGO.

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