UPS Variant – Bonus Zeus at 70 points

UPS Variant – Bonus Zeus at 70 points

Here’s another idea similar to UPS 5 Enhanced.  All game pieces found in the Master Spreadsheet.

As a side note, all credit goes to darrin for (as far as I know) creating the UPS fleet strategy – his fleets can still be seen via links in the T2 bracket.

Bonus Zeus Fleet

(38) Zeus + Captain Jack Sparrow (058 Common version), “Don” Pedro Gilbert, helmsman, explorer, oarsman

(15) Bonnie Liz + Genny Gallows (SM version), Powder Pete, explorer, Pirate oarsman

(10) Sea Crane + The Hag of Tortuga, oarsman

(5) 5 Pirate oarsmen start on the home island

(2) Hidden Cove

+All forts available to these factions (but mainly Paradis de la Mer, The Devil’s Maw, and Dead Man’s Point)


The Zeus gets Coved to an island on the first turn, and sacs to redock twice, sending coins to the Bonnie Liz and Sea Crane. They redock, giving each coin +3 to its value, transferring freely in between actions. The Zeus sacs each turn and continues sending coins home, changing islands when necessary.  There are plenty of oarsmen to feed the treasure loop, so the Zeus shouldn’t run out of sac fodder for a while.  If the Zeus is compromised, the Bonnie Liz and Sea Crane are both very capable gold runners ready to sail out whenever needed.  If enemy home island raiders become a problem, Paradis might be built to send gold to a wild island if the Zeus can’t deal with the raiders.

If you want, comment below your thoughts on the fleet and rate it on a 1-5 scale!

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