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    Just like the “Hijack this thread” at Miniature Trading, this is a place for on-topic Pirates CSG discussion that is random in nature, short in discussion potential, and/or simply doesn’t deserve its own thread.

    As lord_denton said:

    I just want to put some spark back into the community as we sit around without any community-building-type things going on. So, respond to people’s posts but go on tangents and tangents of tangents, post about random things but do have it somewhat related to the Pirates CSG realm, and have fun! 😀

    I’ll start!  Why do people think that Wizkids even bothered with a cards-only version of the game back in 2012?  Did they really think it would be successful?

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    As a random note: if you hit the “Subscribe” button in the forum directory chain of links near the top of the forum pages, you should get emails about new topics being created.  (I just did for old_man’s new topic)  🙂

    I think I’ll repost the above question as a thread sometime soon.

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    Interesting post from 2005 on the US/UK pack difference.

    “We actually made different versions for the two countries. Neither game style is better – the English one is only set up to have two players, but because it’s on a map, they have limited space and are basically forced into fighting each other more. The game is slightly more complicated because of the increased number of dice. The American version is great because you can have tons of players, it’s not as complicated, and the game can be played for a long length of time because the space is not limited.


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