• You could check; the Code is on the homepage of my site here.  Don’t mean to be harsh but I’m tired of looking things up for people that are VERY easy to find/search.  (though if you’re on a phone let me know if you can’t get files from the site up since mobile can get funky)

    You sounded pretty sure of yourself so I figured I would just ask if you…[Read more]

  • This might need to go to 20, seeing as how a world hater could make 5’s trigger the ability as well, which would end up being a decent percentage of the total hits.

    I always assumed that the “2 masts on roll of a 6” ability (and others like it, ex. “double range of cannons but must hit on 6”) only hit on a natural roll of a 6. So regardless of m…[Read more]

  • I think it is important when talking about these things to distinguish between community rules and “official” rules (Pirates Code is for all intents and purposes, official). Oftentimes when a game goes out of print, is discontinued, or loses support, the player community (if it survives discontinuation of the game) will group together to create…[Read more]

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    This comment was mine. (I was active to a small degree on MT forums in 2014-2015 under the name CodyScheer, just registered here)

    I think I may have elaborated on this comment in a later survey response, but maybe not.  What I want is for towing to be standardized across the game. I could go either way as to how it works; either using the…[Read more]

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