• Of course, increasing the number of ships would also counteract the negatives of ship fragility. Lose a ship and it didn’t even get to do anything? No problem, you’ve got 10 more!

    I assume you’re saying there would be more ships because less ships would be dismasted or sunk on average?

    Oops, I didn’t explain well (I was trying to not write a nov…[Read more]

  • I’ve always disliked the fragility of ships.

    Oftentimes a ship will be  sunk in one volley. This of course does not make the game very fun for the person who lost the ship.

    This fragility also limits crew compositions. If you want to get anything accomplished with a ship, you have to take the helmsman/captain combo. This is the standard. That…[Read more]

  • 1) It’s still based on a single roll, but isn’t an “all or nothing” result anymore. One bad cannon won’t ruin the shot for numerous other good ones.

    Its not necessarily an “all or nothing” result anymore (if all cannon ranks are the same it would be), but instead a “something or nothing”. Which is arguably worse. Although your chances of completel…[Read more]

  • For an idea of how to automate enemy actions, take a look at the AI system for the custom X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign. I think the AI from that ruleset works pretty well, although X-Wing has much more clear cut movement. X-Wing like movement templates might need to be created if you want Pirates AI to function completely autonomously.

  • I have a 3 masted ship with 4 cannons. I maneuver into a broadsides position against an opposing 3 masted ship with 2 cannons. I know that if I don’t take out any masts this shoot action, my ship will likely be crippled next turn. As opposed to doing a normal shoot action (with ~30% chance of all misses) I perform my modified BA. Instead of…[Read more]

  • I’ve never like broadsides attack as a ship keyword. I’ve always wanted to use it because the idea is super cool, but it is just too swingy. And usually swingy rules are not fun for the person using it (swings low and misses) or for the person facing it (swing high and knock a ship out in one go in most cases).

    Taking a step back, the purpose of…[Read more]

  • This is my house rule!

    Concerning the after effects that you mentioned Ben, the idea was that the crew would be usable on the capturing ship. My group never thoroughly playtested this, so I’m not sure the best way to manage this. I reckon the cleanest way would be to change the nationality of the captured crew to that of the capturing ship.…[Read more]

  • You could check; the Code is on the homepage of my site here.  Don’t mean to be harsh but I’m tired of looking things up for people that are VERY easy to find/search.  (though if you’re on a phone let me know if you can’t get files from the site up since mobile can get funky)

    You sounded pretty sure of yourself so I figured I would just ask if you…[Read more]

  • This might need to go to 20, seeing as how a world hater could make 5’s trigger the ability as well, which would end up being a decent percentage of the total hits.

    I always assumed that the “2 masts on roll of a 6” ability (and others like it, ex. “double range of cannons but must hit on 6”) only hit on a natural roll of a 6. So regardless of m…[Read more]

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    I think it is important when talking about these things to distinguish between community rules and “official” rules (Pirates Code is for all intents and purposes, official). Oftentimes when a game goes out of print, is discontinued, or loses support, the player community (if it survives discontinuation of the game) will group together to create…[Read more]

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    This comment was mine. (I was active to a small degree on MT forums in 2014-2015 under the name CodyScheer, just registered here)

    I think I may have elaborated on this comment in a later survey response, but maybe not.  What I want is for towing to be standardized across the game. I could go either way as to how it works; either using the…[Read more]

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