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    Now that the Rules survey has some results (37 responses as of this post), I think it would be a good idea to discuss some various options in detail.  A lengthy response has come in that allows for more interesting discussion, so thanks to whoever just did the survey!

    Are there any changes you would recommend to the moving system?

    Derelict and flotilla towing should be the same.

    I think that makes sense, and helps to simplify things.  It would also give ships with fast base moves less of an advantage when it comes to towing flotillas, and open up some very intimidating dreadnought combos with the Acorazado/Dreadnought/etc towing flotillas much more than before.  As usual I’m struggling to come up with major issues that would be a problem with this ruling….  what do you think?


    I would be in support of such a change as it would make the rules more consistent. I can’t see how this would drastically impact the game except make towing flotillas less desirable.


    This comment was mine. (I was active to a small degree on MT forums in 2014-2015 under the name CodyScheer, just registered here)

    I think I may have elaborated on this comment in a later survey response, but maybe not.  What I want is for towing to be standardized across the game. I could go either way as to how it works; either using the derelict towing rules or flotilla towing rules.

    With that being said, I would probably prefer derelict towing rules being the standard as you suggested in your post Ben. This would decrease the average speed of flotilla tows which is a good thing. The vast majority ships would only be able to pull off an S+S move with the addition of a helmsman.

    On the flip side, flotilla towing rules being the standard could be kind of fun too. This would of course increase the average speed of derelict tows. This could make a lot of cheap smaller/faster ships viable that aren’t currently. Many of these ships have a good base move but lack the guns/cargo to be a gunship or gold ship. Adding a helmsman to these ships is just spending more build points on a ship that could easily be sunk in one volley. If base move could be used when towing derelicts, these ships could be used to dart in quick and start towing away an enemy derelict while your gunship holds the line. This would be in line with the theme of the game: pirating.

    So I could go either way. However, I think the flotilla rules are easier to abuse, so using the derelict towing rule would make the game more balanced overall.

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    However, I think the flotilla rules are easier to abuse, so using the derelict towing rule would make the game more balanced overall.

    I agree.  Hooking up a line and getting the towed object behind the towing ship is already easy enough.  Towing a heavy object behind a ship should definitely slow the ship down considerably.  Speed is already powerful enough in the game, so letting ships with fast base moves tow derelicts at that same speed would just make them even more of an obvious choice when building a fleet.  I think applying the derelict towing rules to flotillas would actually make for more interesting fleet builds, as the slower ships would benefit instead.


    I love the simplicity of the idea that all towing would be the same

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