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    Might be a bit of an odd question, and/or a tough one to answer:

    What is your favorite treasure distribution? (standard 8 coins for 15 gold, or otherwise)

    Ex: 7,7,1 and 5 specific UT’s, or seven 2’s and a 1, etc.

    It’s been a long time (too long) since I last played the game. and far, far longer than that since I last used the official treasure distribution rules.   I don’t think the 7-value coins were even in the game yet the last time I set up treasure that way.   When it did get used, usually I’d put in at least 2 or 3 UTs, and then would divide the rest as evenly as possible, so it would end up being mostly a mix of 2s and 3s.

    Instead of the normal rule, I’d take all of the coins from a couple different UT cards, add a bunch of other UTs (often chosen randomly), and then would distribute everything equally to however many islands were in play.  More treasure per island meant more return trips, and a wider variety of UTs kept things a lot more interesting.   It’s wasn’t so much a race to be the first to find the two or three highest-value coins.


    Sleigh holiday pic up for the monthly photo contest at BGG  😀


    Would love your vote in BGG’s 2023 Picture of the Year contest!


    Sleigh pic came in 3rd for the January photo contest 🙂

    Went with a Command the Oceans pic for this month

Viewing 4 posts - 241 through 244 (of 244 total)
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