Ranking: Top 10 Longships

1. Kettering
2. Loki’s Revenge
The built-in sac is incredible and provides the Cursed with a great gunship. The ability also makes the top speed faster than the Baba Yaga.
3. Baba Yaga
4. Muninn
5. Huginn
-Those two are very close but I like the all L-range guns (especially the 2 at the front) and the speed of the Muninn better. The reverse captain ability can pair quite well with a smokepot specialist/shot, which can help make up for how fragile the longships are. (If Huginn’s ability also eliminated a mast they would be swapped)
6. Naegling
6 shots at 2L or 1L in one of the best pure firepower ships you can sail on.
7. Hrunting
8. Hrothgar
-Boring but the speed makes it unique compared to the other Viking 3 masters.

In my opinion the rankings become more of a crapshoot here at the bottom of this particular list.
9. Asgard
10. Kalmar/ Sautez le Requin / Donar 

Honorable mentions: Freya , Fenrir , Sleipnir , Hlidskjalf , Elsinore , Kalaallit , Serpent’s Fang

Ranking- Top 10 Longships

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