Ranking: Top 10 15 Point Ships

1. HMS Grand Temple 

2. San Cristobal 

3. Santa Ana 

4. Intrepid 

The rest of this feels like a tossup.

5. Bonhomme Richard 

6. Akua Lapu 

7. Loki’s Revenge 

8. Golden Medusa 

9. White Rose 

10. Revenant / USS Constitution 

Just missed: Ghost Walker HMS Durham 

Nubian Prince is not nearly as effective as the Bonaparte, thankfully. She can be more of a nuisance than a ship that is actually effective at doing things. That said, she could jump to #4 if I face her again. Not sure how to rank her properly. Just such a horrid ability.

Other honorable mentions not seen in this thread yet:
La Charlemagne 
Lady’s Scorn 
Paul Revere

Ranking: Top 10 15 point ships

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