Ranking: Top 10 8 Point Ships

1. La Monarca 
2. Bonnie Liz 
-An utter toss-up, but I feel this ship’s slightly better firepower, cargo, and crew selection give her a tiny edge over the SoS.
3. Star of Siam 
4. Executioner 
I’ll take the better durability, far better firepower, and far better ability over the extra S the Artesien provides.
5. El San Francisco 
6. L’Artesien 
7. Morocco 
8. La Dijon 
9. HMS Alexander 
10. Royal James 

Just missed: USS Maryland La Habana El Tirador HMS Resistance El San Salvador 

Most underrated among this class? In my opinion, Cutlass and Salem . (among others XD)

Other honorable mentions not mentioned yet:
El Corazon del Mar HMS Plantagenet La Baionnette Shamrock St. Joan USS Valley Forge Xi’an Yarbrough’s Revenge 

Ranking: Top 10 8 point ships

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