Ranking: Top 10 Savages Shores pieces

1. Navigators/Cargo Master

Utterly broken in campaign games, and I don’t like them, but they are extremely good.

2. Native Canoes 

3. Native Canoes 

4. Libellule 

5. Shap’ng Tsai 

Essentially giving every faction a sac captain cannot be overstated. (especially for the minor factions!)

6. Frontier 

7. Shui Xian / Celtic Fury 

I am massively biased towards the SX and she can often be a better ship due to crew differences and I like having those rank-2 guns even if it means an extra 4, but they’re similar enough that it’s tough not to rank them together.

8. Altar of the Loa 

“Oops!” XD

9. Capitaine Baudouin Deleflote 

10. Buscador 

Honorable mentions: (actually sort of in order for once since it’s a small set and easy to look at)
Celestine / Master Scribe 
Akua Lapu 
Honu Iki 

Celestine’s Charts 
Bianco’s Haulers 
Native Canoes 
Commodore Peregrine Stern 
Metal Dragon 
Cannibal King (I love this thing too much! Laughing)
Duncan Rousseau 
Frond of Fisaga 
Necklace of the Sky

Ranking: Top 10 Savages Shores pieces

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