Ranking: Top 10 10 Point Ships

1. Darkhawk II 
2. Native Canoes 
-Sickeningly good compared to the other canoes, including the ones from RtSS I think (still need to use those more). 10 cargo for 10 points, spread out on 5 ships that move S+L and can chain their ability for maximum logistics perfection and evasion? Arguably should be #1. In huge games they would take the top spot since you can have as many as you have gold for, which gets crazy in a hurry.
3. HMS Dover 
4. Raven 
5. HMS Nautilus 
6. Le Triton 
-Boom! One of the most underrated ships of all time and one of my all time favorites! Awesome! Could make a case for as high as #4 too.
7. La Bonne Chance 
8. HMS Phoenix 
-Love this one, but the speeds of the above are tough to ignore. #’s 4-8 could be put in most orders and it would still look good though.
9. East Wind / East Wind 
10. L’Eroica or USS James Madison 
-L’Eroica is a bit of a wacky pick here, but underrated. SAT on a gold runner can be great especially in big games when you make multiple trips to the same island(s), and she even links to a free reroller! This could easily be changed with the first few of the just missed category though.
-I had the JM as the first ship of the next section, but it’s mostly a tossup of game type/size. The longer the game goes, the more likely it is that SAT will provide more value than the extra S speed and spying ability. (though both ships would probably have a helmsman too, though the JM is one of my favorite places to put the American chieftain)

Just missed: Le Courageux , Mourning Star (I’ve used her before and it’s difficult to get anything done or succeed in any way. Incredibly short striking range with S+S total speed (that’s difficult/impractical to improve) and S range guns), HMS Lord Walpole , Wicked Kareen , Sea Rat 

Other honorable mentions: USS Lenox , Boston , Le St. Michel , Devil Ray , HMS Rickets , Pioneer , Saratoga , Splendor 

El Paso is an honorable mention for me but only makes this list if it was limited to campaign/huge games. Fragile and lackluster for a canceller, not great in games at or under 100 points.

Ranking: Top 10 10 Point Ships

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