Ranking: Sea Dragons

1. Raptor Maw
2. Angelica
3. Shal-Bala
3. Vieil Homme
(tossup for me, and I’ve never used Vieil Homme or Raptor Maw)

godmason wrote:
the high cost of Shal-Bala makes it prohibitively expensive in all game sizes

Not in Command the OceansShocked Shocked Laughing XD (I know CTO is a one-of-a-kind game that has never been seen before, but between Xerecs’ epics and CG3, I’m certainly not the only campaign game player out there at this point)

can actually knock itself out without doing any damage to enemies. Ask a7xfanben about that scenario…

Yeah to me that ability is just garbage due to how luck works. A certain person will be successful with it and love it (usually someone young and/or new to the game it seems…). For me, it’s like Fire Shot. When I take a shoot action, I’ll roll some 2’s and 4’s or something. Then I go to shoot the fire shot, and it gets a 1. With this ability, I’ll roll three 5’s and two 6’s in a row with another ship, and then when it’s time for Vieil Homme, it’s time to roll 1’s. Rolling Eyes

I’ve always thought Raptor Maw was overrated, but I guess you’re right about the cost effectiveness in most games.

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