Ranking: Top 10 SE Box 4 Masters

I think my Ranking would be subject to change, but here’s what I came up with.

1. Franklin 
2. Hades’ Realm 
3. HMS Forge 
4. HMS Phoenix 
-Perfect for a world hater, and an underrated hybrid/budget gunship option.
5. Red Curse 
-Cargo, ability and guns make this one quite interesting, and one of the better hybrids.
6. HMS Richards / USS Seattle 
7. HMS Burma / Last Hope 
8. Jape 
-Solid short-range brawler, not too inferior to the above ships.
9. Isabela 
-Spain has so many better ways to get gold bonuses, and the speed really holds her back.
10. Empty Sky 

Just missed: Independence Tasmanian Devil (one of the most underrated first-strike options in the game with S+L+S speed and essentially four 3L cannons assuming captain+helmsman)

Honorable mentions: Electric Eel Fool’s Gold

Ranking: Top 10 SE Box 4 Masters

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