Ranking: Top 10 Barbary Coast Game Pieces

This was a really tough list. I think it’s because BC has much more parity than the first 3 sets – more balanced and much less obvious OP game pieces. Love the Intrepid and Durham but gold wins the game. If anything, I might be underrating the UT’s and Admiral Action crew. I’m actually kind of in the middle on Barbarossa – he can be a game winner or a total dud (depending on many factors), so it’s easy to overrate or underrate crew like that. Obviously I need more than 10 spots lol.

1. 0LR rerollers (free crew that essentially take up no space and can vastly help with double actions and tons of other stuff)
2. Lawrence/Administrator Scott Bratley/Diamond Nelson Turner
3. Tiger’s Eye
4. Brent Rice/World haters (would be higher if more factions got them)
5. Griffin
6. Queen of Sheba/Winds of Vengeance/Agha’s Whip/Marrakesh/Algiers
7. Jordan Dumas/Lady Baptiste/Jack Hawkins
8. Intrepid
9. Wolves
10. Commander Steven Decatur

Just missed: HMS Durham, Tiger’s BreathCommodore Edward Preble/Amiral Gaston de St. Croix (really just depends on the build total – if the standard build was 80 or 100 those two would likely jump to spot #5), Maps of Alexandria, Barbary Banner

Honorable Mentions: Golden PeacockMoroccoDervish, HMS Antelope, La Espada de Dios, El Paso, Admiral Alarico Castro, Aruj Barbarossa, L’Ange de la Mer, St. Joan, President, Nubian Prince, Janissaries’ Blood, Crescent Moon, Black Lotus, Meshud, HMS Granville, most other Corsair ships, Smokepot Specialist (not really that useful outside of some gimmicky strategies but they can be interesting)

Ranking: Top 10 Barbary Coast Game Pieces

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