Ranking: Switchblades

  1. Skin Flayer
  2. Saber
  3. HMS Salient
  4. HMS Talon
  5. Sickle

However, I must admit I’ve had the best success with the Saber. By virtue of being French, she has access to some amazing crew combos that can fit very well into the 23 point cost. Not great below 80 points, but a monster with the right setup.

Ah yes, during a fleet binge I even made a “combination compilation” of the Saber:
Combos with the Saber

Captain Nemo with a sac captain can be devastating, as seen in one of the best games I’ve ever played. (no link since I still have to redo the pictures for the BR)

I do think that extra actions of some kind can be more useful to Switchblades than S-boarding. More actions mean more movement, which means more rams and boards with the blades. With extra actions and L+S+L+S speed, you can really go crazy with crew capturing/killing in a big game with a dense battlefield.

I also think Switchblades are the best of the Pokeships, despite their huge cost. To me Bombardiers and scorpions are priced even worse; switchblades can at least fill the monster gunship role in a fleet with the right crew. (I don’t usually call a Hoist a Pokeship, but you can make a case Laughing )

Ranking: Switchblades

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