Ranking: Bombardiers

1. Conquerant 
2. Bombardier 
3. Draconum 
If Batman was in Pirates CSG, this would be his ship. Laughing
4. Grand Vainqueur 
A grand point cost that should be much lower. Wizkids should have announced this as some kind of misprint, for the Conquerant is better or the same in every way for the same cost. Confused

To me the Grand Vainqueur is the worst, and one of the worst Pokeships in general. An absolutely atrocious cost that she cannot justify at all. You could get a world hater AND cannoneer on the Draconum and still come in at 19 points, allowing you a “free” helmsman just to get to 21. XD The GV should cost about 14 points, with the Draconum at perhaps 11. I see the Draconum as somewhat playable, while the GV is not really playable (especially when you consider her far superior sister ship for the same cost – no idea what WK was thinking). Also, the GV’s 3L is not the artillery cannon, they’re all 3S and I submitted a correction to the database.

I know the artillery cannon with extended range could be useful, but I’ve always found bombardiers to be the least cost-effective fire option. You can get a captain, helmsman, and firepot specialist on Le Descharges for a point less than either of the overpriced French ones. The Pirates have a plethora of good options that would be cheaper and more effective than the Draconum just by putting a FPS aboard. (and don’t even get me started on my English XD)

Ranking: Bombardiers

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