Ranking: Top 10 Ocean’s Edge game pieces

1. HMS Grand Temple

This isn’t English bias, this is results and experience.

2. Calico Cat / Crimson Angel 

Should cost 9 and 7 points respectively, these two are some of the best crew ever.

3. Zeus

Can be crewed a variety of ways to dominate in any build total. Was a competitive beast in tournaments then and now (such as RedDragon’s SOE fleet, and T1, among many others I would assume).

4. Whirlpools 

A brand-new terrain piece that lets me teleport with almost no drawback? Sign me up! As unrealistic as they are, I believe whirlpools changed the game for the better. As a great option for both gold runners (getting to islands faster and making slow speed less of a hindrance) and gunships (sneak attacks, escape routes), they’re also one of the “best” game pieces you can use, and often more fun and relevant than other terrain. (which just gets easily avoided and ignored)

5. Davy Jones / Emperor Blackheart 

Insanely good, especially as the game size gets bigger, and bigger, and… HUGE! Very Happy (at least 1,000 total points)

6. Le Coeur du Lion

A ship that can do a variety of things somewhat well, and provides an excellent spot for certain named crew when needed. Nearly free cost cannot be ignored.

7. Virtuous Wind 

One of the best hybrids and stacked ships in the game.

8. El Algeciras 

Sick of her, but great bargain-bin firepower.

9. El Fantasma 

Sac captains are about as good as crew get, and here the Cursed got what is arguably their most practical named crew. Just so good, and makes the Cursed more viable as a faction.

10. Deliverance 

Faster than the other 5 masters in the set with a very similar point cost, and tied as the fastest 5 master in existence.

Just missed (in no particular order): Lost , USS Constitution , Le Gaule , HMS Victoria , Ghost Walker , La Bonne Chance , Divine Dragon ,

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order): Francesca , Guinee , Raninoidea , Sea Rat , Seleucis , Captain Montana Mays , Protection from Davy Jones , Bilge , Sea Crane , Sea Duck , Sea Tiger , various similar 4 masters

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