Ranking: Top 10 17 Point Ships

1. San Cristobal
2. HMS Titan
3. Frontier
4. Black Pearl
5. Harbinger
6. HMS Swallow
7. Grand Path/ USS Thomas Jefferson 
-These are so similar and debatable that I like to rank them together.
8. La Corse
9. Executioner
10. La Delacroix 

Just missed: Le Gaule USS Morning Star 

I think there’s a solid case to be made that all of those bottom three 5 masters are better than the Corse and Executioner – the final 5 spots (going to top 12) are very debatable.

I love the Magnifique (my first 5 master) but she’s not in the same tier as the above ships.

Ranking: Top 10 17 point ships

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