Ranking: Top 10 7 Point Ships

1. HMS Hound 
-Extremely capable. Hybrid potential. I can’t find a better ship at this price.

2. Carolina 
-Tough to beat the cargo, durability, and speed for the cost.

3. HMS Trepassey 

4. Honu Iki 

5. Le Coeur de Lion / El Tejon 

6. La Belle Poule / Lynx 
-9 points for 3 open spaces moving L+S. Nothing remarkable for the French but not bad. Or, S+S+S on the way out for 7 points, three coins at S+S on the way back.

7. Divine Dragon 

8. Splinter 
-Surprised I don’t have her higher, but there are a bunch of solidly effective ships for this cost.

9. La Reconquistador 

10. Bonny Kate 
-Never liked this one, it has just bothered me for some reason. I suppose I underrate it but I find her very boring. Solid case to be made that she shouldn’t make the Top 10… hmmm.

Just missed:
Le Republicain 
-One of the most underrated support gunships out there.

Other Honorable Mentions not seen in thread yet:
Proud Tortoise 
El Villalobos 
-Trades any accuracy for speed, but these ships aren’t likely to be shooting much if at all.
La Serpiente 
-Direct downgrade of this Coeur, but still playable.
La Anunciada 
-Speed is great, and you can make her more dangerous with Kian Ng + Captain towing Armada .
HMS Disraeli 

Most underrated at this cost in my opinion: Republicain, Splinter, Dolphin La Reconquistador 

Ranking: Top 10 7 Point Ships

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