Ranking: Top 10 5 point ships

1. Intrepide
-I’ll take the extra mast and cargo space for the same cost over the Pique.

2. Pique
-I’ve never had much success with 1 masted gunships, so this is better off as an empty gold runner. Intrepide is just more valuable and useful IMO.

3. Rattlesnake
4. Cumberland
-Very close here, but the Rattlesnake will often be better as a gold runner than the Cumberland will be as a potential hybrid. Pretty much tied though.

5. Treachery/Chico
I like the Treachery better, but neither is all that great.

6. Fancy
-Empty gold runner and/or flotilla tug are solid uses here.

7. Jeux
-Simple, decent value for points.

8. USS Destiny
-Just not as good as Fancy.

9. Picador
-I understand she’s not bad, I’ve just never really liked this ship at all. Can’t excel at anything, and the few times I’ve used her she’s done awful.

10. Rochefort
-Could make a case for this ship being #8 or 9. In fact these bottom 4 are almost interchangeable. Kind of underrated, but often best left near the home island for short gold trips and spying enthusiastically. (this one can look at crew and not just coins, so it can be a pretty solid ability)

Ranking- Top 10 5 Point Ships

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