Ranking: Top 10 Cursed Named Crew

1. Davy Jones 

2. El Fantasma 

This version of Fantasma is more effective for his cost, but Davy Jones’ capability to change games by himself and rolling 6’s in huge games gives him a slight edge.

3. Davy Jones 

So many things you can do with him… really should be used on a 10 master, but from there it gets crazy real quick.

4. El Fantasma 

Awesome! RtSS Papa Doc would probably share this spot if he was more “real”.

5. Master Scribe 

I do like using him on the Pestilence, especially since the Cursed can just put generic navigators on the Nightmare if they want. Do both, and you might be able to fix the Cursed need for speed.

6. Sammy the Skull 

7. Sammy the Skull 

8. El Fantasma 

9. The Headhunter 

Sure it’s crazy, but Fear+AA+Hoard/Massacre for just 7 points? Definitely a good deal. I know you’re supposed to spend 37 points (or 42+…) when using him, but you might as well put him on a big ship even without the restriction. For all the talk about the Guichuan, her captain goes unnoticed at times.

10. Cavendish / Tabatha McWarren 

Tough to pick for the last spot here. I like Wraith, but I’ve found his ability somewhat disappointing even in huge games.

El Fantasma just missed for me; there’s not much point in using him over the other versions, but still a decent crew. That’s part of the reason I like Fantasma so much in general – pretty much all versions of him are playable (including the Pirate ones).

“Screaming” Mimi / Tabitha McWarren are pretty decent in larger games and/or games with lots of players. Speaking of L, the L boosters ( Sargasso Nightmare / Hag of Tortuga ) are underrated and a solid way to fix the sea monster speed problem. Though all 4 of those crew are geared towards “gimmicky fun” than “win at all costs”.

Dishonorable mentions? Pretty much all the rest… Sad

If you’d like to see some serious quantity and quality of Cursed named crew, check out my custom set on the 4th tab. I’m about to add some more, and suffice it to say that many of the Cursed crew I’ve made are more interesting and useful than many of the ones Wizkids came up with. It’s actually incredibly easy to come up with all sorts of nasty Cursed named crew, so it’s almost shocking that Wizkids couldn’t do a better job than just “here’s another Fantasma” and then run out of ideas. Confused I’ll never be the biggest supporter of the Cursed, but man could they have been bigger, cooler, better, and so much more. Luckily Xerecs and I (and others) are working all the time to overcorrect that, for better or worse. Laughing

Ranking: Top 10 Cursed Named Crew

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