Ranking: 1-3 point ships

1. Banshee’s Cry
2. Algeciras
3. Coeur du Lion
4. Mermaid
-Speed wins games, and 2 points for 1 cargo at S+L (Rover) or better is just awesome for an empty gold runner, not to mention the ramming and flotilla effectiveness.
5. Rover
6. Jolly Mon
-More useful than the two below in my opinion. As to Woelf’s comment, in my experience a 0LR +5 crew is often safer at home than on a gunship, so the four free points is a big advantage for this ship.
7. Fureur
-One more mast and 2 more cargo than Raton for just one more point.
8. Raton
-If you think you have to spend 7 points on Bianco to make this ship acceptable, it just illustrates how poor she is. The above are far better as empty gold runners, so this thing gets left in the dust as a subpar flotilla tug.

Ranking 1-3 point ships

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