Ranking: Top 10 Turtle Ships

1. Noble Swan
2. Bilge
3. Glorious Treasure
4. Divine Dragon
5. Beast’s Belly
6. Proud Tortoise
7. Dragon’s Talon
8. Hansan Island 
Solid stats that edge the more mediocre options in my opinion.
9. Pandora’s Box 
A bit of English bias here, but underrated as a gold runner.
10. Proud Tortoise 
Good little first-strike ship.

I think I would take Gator over the Minnow; turtle ships just don’t have enough firepower to be reliable, so I’d prefer the extra cargo space to a slightly better cannon.

Other HM’s: Admiral Yi Floating Stone (Alligator and JR Floating Stone are decent but not quite good enough for the Top 10)

Ranking: Top 10 Turtle Ships

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