Ranking: Top 10 Revolution game pieces

Here are my Top 10 overall game pieces from Pirates of the Revolution. (with the exception of events)

The first chunk of this list was actually very easy, since it follows another list of the Top 10 gold runners, and getting gold is the way you win the game.

1. Banshee’s Cry

The most OP ship ever!

2. Firepot Specialists

This was actually the hardest thing to figure out – I didn’t know whether to put them #1 or exclude them from the list entirely since they showed up in later sets and had a lesser impact once the ruling changed. However, they were introduced in RV and had a huge impact on the game, remaining as arguably the best offensive generic crew outside of captains. Only the best ship in the game can overshadow their “legacy” I suppose, though perhaps some of the below ships have actually seen far more action than firepot specialists in general… (too bad we don’t have stats for everything heh)

3. Bloody Jewel

Similarly OP and arguably the second-best gold runner ever.

4. Le Bon Marin

In my book, I’d definitely pay the extra point for the extra mast of durability, hence why the Bloody Jewel is ranked higher.

5. La Santa Isabel

One of the best ships ever and a great hybrid. This ship would make the Top 10 without the ability, but having it makes it one of the absolute best.

6. La Monarca

7. Star of Siam

8. Neptune’s Hoard

Similar to the Santa Isabel in terms of effectiveness, but with a lesser ability and one less cargo space.

9. Enterprise

Up there with HMS Titan as one of the best gunships in the game.

10. Paradis de la Mer

The best fort in the game.

Just missed: Franklin (she was #10 before I bumped Paradis up and added the firepot specialists), Le Soleil RoyalLe SuperbeHMS Oxford (I keep going back and forth between these three ships), Ralph DavidLa VengeanceDon Pedro GilbertConstitution

Honorable Mentions: Golden MedusaLa Belle EtoileLe PiqueBonhomme Richard

More Honorable Mentions: NativesMissionaryBlack SwanHades’ FlameCoralLightningJean LaffiteThe Devil’s MawRamsgateFortaleza DoradaThompson’s IslandHMS SwallowHMS NautilusEl San JoseLe LyonLe CourageuxLe FavoriLouisianaSaratogaJarvisCarolinaRattlesnakePhiladelphiaLynxJohn Paul JonesJonathan HaradenRed CurseExplosivesNeptune’s Trident

… and a shoutout to the other numerous ships like ExecutionerCutlassPanda (the trio of small Pirate gunships that seem underrated and all quite similar, almost like an archetype)

What is your Top 10 for RV?

Ranking: Top 10 Revolution game pieces

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