Ranking: Windcatchers

1. Libellule
No argument here, and one of the best overall gold runners in the game. Also an absolute beast in tiny games at under 40 points.

2. Ghost Walker
Canceller on a mid-size ship with 2L cannons and good cargo? Sign me up! Less important to the Americans because of the Kettering than she would be to other nations, but still an amazing ship that can shine in standard games and campaign games.

3. Sskwa’aluk
Perhaps the most frustrating name of any ship ever created by Wizkids, but also one of the most incredible Cursed cargo ships. She doesn’t exist in physical form, but she did well for the Cursed when I proxied her into Economy Edition and used her as a “schooner” ship type in VASSAL Campaign Game 1.

4. Babieca
The type of ship I like – good stats in almost every category, with the ability and cargo making up for the lack of speed. I like her but the two above her definitely outshine her as one of the better 3 masted gunships in the game and one of the best Cursed gold runners. Could play an interesting hybrid role, but I’d still prefer the Cazador del Pirata or her faster counterpart from RtSS, the Colector del Dia.

5. Mystic
Her “hybridity” just barely keeps her ahead of the next ship.

6. USS Mercury
Surprisingly good, I’ve used her well in CG3 so far. I will say that these S+L windcatchers are incredibly quick ships, especially if you dock a bunch and therefore have to essentially reverse direction. With a helmsman and the windcatcher keyword, they can really get somewhere in a hurry. This is the fastest attack ship of the bunch, being able to bypass terrain and get the first strike against unknowing enemies. Underrated and possibly deserving of the 5th spot.

7. HMS Mirage
Yes I love the English, but this one falls just short of the two above ships. She’s quite playable but falls in between roles. Not great as a gunship or gold runner, but cool-looking IMO (I imagine the Swaluck looking similar). The only one I don’t have or haven’t used (Babieca was also in CG1).


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