Ranking: Mail-in game pieces

1. Zeus/Blackheart

2. Baochuan/Zheng He
I almost always throw Chang Pao aboard, at which point her cannons become quite formidable at 3S,2S,2L,2L,2L,2L,2L,2S,3S,3S, and considerably better than the Guichuan. The Jades have SAC, multiple versions of SAT (hello Pirate crew), and a mandatory AA crew who is easily improved.

I’m not even sure the Guichuan has her beat as a warship; the Baochuan gets world hater for 5 points less (like a free captain and helmsman for the comparison), and can move better. As a hybrid/runner it’s not even close, with the Baochuan having more cargo and better speed for the same cost.

3. MiaB pack
Wanted to rank all the 10’s at the top but this has got some really good stuff. I like the usage of abandoned crew in general, but they can be very confusing. Slipstream is very versatile and interesting.

4. Guichuan/Headhunter
To me, S speed on a 10 master is a disaster. Even at L+S speed for most of the others, maneuverability is pathetic. S+S is very difficult to even use with a ship that long that swings wildly when turning.

5. Polaris / Serpent’s Fang / Odin’s Revenge 
Similar to an SR pack, and a pretty good one at that. Polaris is often the ideal spot for Sigurd Andersen in big games. (including CG3, where my Americans just hired him yesterday!)

Quantity matters in a ranking like this, and getting 3 solid game pieces (including two that stand out well in their faction) instead of 1 mediocre or bad game piece makes them deserve a reasonably high slot.

6. GF9
Solid ship but nothing remarkable. Love the gallery picture.

7. Obago 

8. USS Denver 

9. Specter 
Don’t know why they didn’t just make it better. 5 cargo with 3L,2L,2L,2L,3L guns would be more worth the cost.

10. Chum Maker 
Just stinks!

11. Sleigh/Whitebeard

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