Ranking: Top 10 Davy Jones’ Curse Game Pieces

1. Le Bonaparte

Especially after CG1, I absolutely despise this ship. This is one of the best abilities in the game, yes, but the most annoying. Really awful having to face it in a game… I don’t think this ability should exist. The schooner keyword just makes it even easier to abuse.

2. Blackwatch 

3. Santo Columba / Harbinger 

I like the Harbinger a lot better, but the Santo Columba does have nice speed and roughly equivalent firepower.


This is where the rankings got a lot harder for me.

4. Executioner

Speed and cannons win more typical games (<100 points) than the Corse’s ability.

5. La Corse 

6. La Charlemange 

7. El Cristal del Obispo 

Hello out there? Prior to this it seemed like everyone was overrating this ship, now she’s being underrated…

8. Sea Monkey

Great potential hybrid for the Cursed, though I have a feeling she’s too high here. Really tough set to rank!

9. Selkie / HMS Guy Fawkes / El Monte Cristo / Mohican 

Great mid-size gunships with different strengths. Selkie is my personal favorite and likely the best due to point cost and cargo hold.

10. Davy Jones / Behemoth 

Obviously the crew is much more versatile, but he makes Behemoth an 8 point sea monster with great guns! I basically need to use both of these more – I think DJC Davy Jones is one of the least understood crew in the game (as Xerecs mentioned), and I myself have extremely high doubts about this ranking (might be too low or too high, likely not too low for Behemoth however).

I really might change my list here. I’m really conflicted. As a result of it being so close for me, I’m doing the end a little different here.

Just missed:

11. Paul Revere 

I’m really annoyed about leaving this one off and I want to talk about it. Lol. This ship costs just a point more than the Bretwalda, but gives you much better speed and good firepower. Her ability is also less useless. I love this ship way too much and I’m starting to worry about it. XD

12. Derrik the Red

Another tough exclusion for me, I just don’t see him as essential with so many other great Pirate crew. That confirms I’m sinking too far into volt’s line of thought (for me at least) about factions though… ugh. I don’t know what to do here.

13. HMS Bretwalda 

Something about this ship doesn’t do it for me, despite my love of the English and accurate cannons. I think it’s the fact that the guns are the only standout thing. Crappy ability (still wouldn’t use it unless in the right situation, such as against the Acorazado), mediocre speed, somewhat below average cargo space.

14. HMS Half Moon

A very solid, underrated English ship that can mostly be used for gold but also serves well as a hybrid and treasure raider.

15. Guichuan w/Headhunter

A lot has already been said; I feel this ship is almost similar to Davy Jones and Bonny Peel in a way… it can be all-or-nothing in gameplay, and many players either swear by it or dismiss it altogether.

Other just missed (but by more than 11-15 lol): Hessian , Flying Dutchman , Bonny Peel , El Raton , Maps of Hades , Eye of Insanity 

Honorable Mentions: Calim (surprised nobody mentioned), Hangman’s JokeLoa’s Justice , Nightmare , Tabatha McWarren , Chief PO Charles Richard , HMS Bath , Commander Spencer Portland , Jacques, Duc de Valois , L’Eroica , Le Republicain , Pequod , Cursed Conch , Chariot of the Gods , Mist Walker , HMS Richards , Salem

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