Ranking: Top 10 Fire & Steel game pieces

1. Lord Mycron 

2. Hammersmith 

3. Equipment (mostly Fire/Exploding/Stinkpot/Grape Shot)

Grapple, Chain, Double, and Smokepot aren’t as good, but you forgot one: Stinkpot Shot. It can be devastating when it hits at the right time, and is a great (and sickeningly cheap) way of going after stuff like the Acorazado and Constitution, or 10 masters in general.

4. San Pedro / Morning Star 

Both are fantastic gold runners – the San Pedro has the best gold running ability in the game, but the MS can go faster and carry more for the same point cost.

5. Victor de Alva 

6. Flotillas

Armada stands above the rest, but the others are generally similar in effectiveness.

7. Various 5 masters

Tough to pick between some of the rares and the LE Morning Stars, since they’re so similar and many cost 14 points.

8. Lezard

Not as good as some other tiny French runners, but underrated due to her rarity (and perhaps because almost nobody knows what the ship looks like).

9. Cygnet 

10. Skin Flayer 

Just missed: Thomas Gunn Barstow / Blackbeard Montana Mays 

Honorable Mentions: Jeux Conquerant HMS Ram Poor Adams Pawtucket HMS Salient Saber Splinter Freedom’s Hand Sol USS Lenox Coconut Roberto Santana Lenoir (would be top 10 but CC version is nearly the same), Turtles Ammunition , Letters of Marque/Soul Mark equipment, Treasure Cards

Ranking: Top 10 Fire & Steel game pieces

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