Ranking: Mercenary named crew

My ranking:

1. Shap’ng Tsai 
2. Christian Fiore 
adore Fiore, but taking both 40 point standard games and larger games into account, a sac captain is still a more viable option that’s more purely effective.
3. Count Gustov 
4. Eileen Brigid O’Brien 
Can’t deny, SAT is one of the best abilities in the game and any nation that got shortchanged on it will gladly pay the 2 points extra.
5. Thane Hartless 
I like Nemo WAY more since he’s so unique; this is a tough choice.
6. Captain Nemo 
7. Herr Fuchs / Queen Teresa Pavon 
9. Ibrahan Ozat 
-Epic and devastating with Nemo on 10 masters (see my campaign games lol), but pretty meh outside of that. Involved in some classic moments and captures through the years. He’s at his best when expenditures are borderline irrelevant.
10. Osvaldo de Deus Celemente 
I’ve used him on his linked ship (ignoring the silly firing arc rule) and the Bashaw Folly with mixed results. Just too risky of a bet on ships with more than 3 masts.
11. Eileen Brigid O’Brien 
12. Luc Savard 
-English>Americans, and the Mobilis is a bit more of a combat ship than the Matuku, which I see as an underrated treasure runner.
13. Yeshaji Angria 
-It’s barely more expensive to get Grim the Savage on one of the Merc 10’s.
14. Nikos Chelios 
-He may have appeared in one of my big games, but I don’t think I’ve been able to use his ability yet.

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